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Stop Smart Meters Goes National … and International!

“There are websites and groups using “stop smart meters” as their rallying cry all over the US, in Canada and Australia, and now in Britain…” continued at Stop Smart Meters Goes National … and International! | Stop Smart Meters!

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IARC/WHO Classifies Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields As Possibly Carcinogenic to Humans (Class 2B)

“The WHO/International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B), based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer, associated with wireless phone use.” via

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Radiation Measurement From Smart Meter

This is the radiation measured from a Smart Meter mounted on the external wall of an energy customer’s home. via Stratford smart meter 1 – YouTube.

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Be Careful What You Sign For….

Anyone using online sites to manage or pay bills, or transact business of any sort, is familiar with “signing” one of those long detailed legal agreements usually called “Term and Conditions”–merely by checking a box. Watch out. On PG&E’s website [PG&E are Pacific Gas & Electric in […]

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Hackers rewrite smart meter power bill

“Two German researchers have exploited security holes in a smart meter service to alter energy consumption rates, expose privacy flaws and determine what movies consumers had watched. “Dario Carluccio and Stephan Brinkhaus demonstrated the flaws with German energy company Discovergy at the Chaos Computing Congress in Berlin. […]

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£11bn smart meter plans risk fiasco: MPs warn only energy suppliers will benefit

“Putting ‘smart’ gas and electricity meters in every home – at a total cost of £11.7billion – may bring little benefit to customers, MPs will warn today.” “Families will have to pay higher bills to fund the Government-backed scheme to have the digital equipment installed by 2019.” […]

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Smart Meters Being Funded by the US Military?

via The utility companies have described their installation of ‘smart’ meters as a “deployment.”  They have called those of us peacefully defending the safety and health of the public “insurgents.” At times, scenes of the public physically blocking military-style smart meter installations conjure up images of wartime.   But is […]

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Stop Smart Meters – The Movie

Please get behind this if you are able -

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Say NO to “Big Brother’s” Smart Meters

A lesson in politely declining a Smart Meter from our American friends - via Say NO to “Big Brother’s” Smart Meters/a> Most Americans have not yet heard of the “smart meters” that are being installed at a rapid pace across the state of California and across our nation. Most […]

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Consumer campaign group Which? warns of energy smart meter ‘fiasco’

“The scheme to install new energy meters in every home in the UK should be halted because of spiralling costs, a consumer campaign group has warned.” And what is Which?’s proposed solution to these spiralling costs?  That the TAX PAYER should pay for it! via BBC News […]

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International doctors criticize “Economist” article on wireless risks – call for retraction

The Economist “failed to provide critical information about the emerging public health issue related to cell phones and wireless technologies and that it owes its readers a better accounting of the science”. via EMF Safety Network - International doctors criticize “Economist” article on wireless risks – call for […]

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Refuse Smart Meters


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Demand Public Officials End Smart Meters

NOTE**  This is an example of how YOU can  put  YOUR public servants on official notice of liability.  This includes City Council members, County Officials and State regulatory agencies.

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Karolinska ‘Nobel Prize’ Institute threatens work of noted wireless safety researcher

via (DUBLIN) An eminent Swedish professor at the prestigious Karolinska Institute in Stockholm is being blocked from completing replication experiments aimed at seeking a definitive answer to the effects of electromagnetic frequencies on the human body. Prof. Olle Johansson, a long-time critic of wireless communications technology […]

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Big corporations vie for Smart Grid Data and Communications Company contracts

via In the UK domestic sector, data and communications with electric and gas smart meters will be centrally managed by a Data and Communications Company (DCC). The DCC will be responsible for procuring the communications network, including the modules to be incorporated in smart meters. The DCC […]

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Children and Mobile Phones – The health of the following generations is in danger

From the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (2008) via Citizens for Safe Technology “For the first time in history, we face a situation when most children and teenagers in the world are continuously exposed to the potentially adverse influence of the electromagnetic fields (EMF) from […]

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Biological Effects of EMFs on Human Health – Camilla Rees

Resonance: Beings of Frequency


“There is NO evidence Smart Meters are safe” Dr D. Carpenter

Pyramids of Waste

Swisscom patent: industry knows of “genotoxic” effects from wireless radiation

Dr R M Powell – Your Biology vs Smart Meters

Network: Your Life, Monetised