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Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference, Holland ~ Do we have the courage to break free?

Our new friends at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement are hosting a world-class, three-day conference covering the past, present and future of breakthrough energy technologies and their world-changing implications. The conference schedule has been carefully curated to interest and inform scientists, students, technicians, entrepreneurs and the general public and […]

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A Reminder – Your Rights in Relation to Smart Meters

It comes as no surprise that a number of big energy firms are starting to really push hard on the Smart Meter ‘gas’ pedal.  Advertising campaigns online and offline, integrated social media/direct mail campaigns, etc. are all trying to sell us on the spurious and totally unsubstantiated […]

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Stop Smart Meters! (UK) Issues Security Challenge To British Gas – We Can Prove Your Smart Meters Are Not Safe & Secure

Dear Mr. Bentley (& Co.) In a timely reminder that the Internet both giveth and taketh, security firm RSA this week warned that a highly organised group of cybercriminals are planning a massive banking trojan horse attack to fraudulently obtain customer funds.  You can read about the [...]Read more

Take Back Your Power – Official Trailer

Featuring a host of scientists, medical practitioners, researchers, experts, consultants and victims, we are proud to be the first to present you with the brand new, official trailer for the upcoming feature film, Take Back Your Power. *PS – if you have not yet seen the full-length interview the […]

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