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Could smart meters be used to spy on your home? Devices could be used to create ‘honeypot’ of data to sell onto marketing companies, privacy campaigners warn – Mail Online

Marketing firms are targeting data collected by smart meters, which reveal how customers use their gas and electricity They are hoping to turn information they provide in to a stream of cash Experts say the devices might be used to provide companies with clues to information about […]

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Warning over a ‘ghastly mess’ in £11bn plan for smart meters – The Times

January 03, 2016 Article from: An £11bn project to install more than 50 million smart electricity and gas meters in homes is a “ghastly mess” that will not work, according to a leading figure in the energy sector. Alex Henney has written to Amber Rudd, the […]

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Not So Smart – The government should listen to criticism of its latest IT plan before it is too late – The Times

January 03, 2016Article from: “Ever since the collapse of the £20 billion NHS effort to digitise every patient’s medical records, it has been sensible to worry whenever government takes responsibility for a multibillion-pound IT project. It is sensible to worry now. “Smart” meters that measure gas […]

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