AECB News: Will the Smart Meter Roll-Out be Another Government IT Disaster?

Fears the Government’s Flagship Smart Meter Programme Could be Heading for Trouble by Andrew Warren


(….The MPs raised detailed concerns about failures with technical, logistical and public communication issues – each of which have resulted in yet further delays to the much-postponed national roll-out programme. The committee had “inspected the programme’s progress back in 2013, highlighting issues which we urged the Government to address”. Many of these had not been corrected. So “the programme runs the risk of falling far short of expectations”.

The entire smart meters policy is at a “crossroads.” Continuing with the current approach would “risk embarrassment through public disengagement”, turning this “flagship policy into a costly failure.”

The consumer group, Which?, has already called for the complete abandonment of the smart meter roll-out programme. The Institute of Directors has expressed concern that it may end up being yet another government IT programme failure.

If these commentators prevail, then please don’t let this be branded as another failure of an energy saving project to deliver. That will only be a very, very peripheral reason….)