Authorities in India to relocate 300 mobile towers to “isolated places” over health risks

In the wake of health risk posed by mobile phone towers, the Noida Authority has decided to relocate all such antennas from residential areas of the city. The authority will identify locations in isolated places — far from residential colonies — where they will be relocated.

There are over 300 such towers that need to be relocated. The recent move of the authority has been initiated after court’s direction to allocate mobile towers at isolated locations rather than sealing them.

The officials of the Noida Authority said that earlier they had planned to seal illegal towers, but they are working now on the guidelines of Allahabad High Court, which has ordered to shift all such towers from residential sectors to other places.

“We have ordered the officials to conduct a detailed survey and figure out alternate locations so we could ask mobile tower operators to shift their existing towers to those places. We have also ordered to get rid of the towers from institutional and hospital structures with immediate effect and shift them to other places,” said PK Agarwal, Additional CEO of Noida Authority.

In a meeting of senior officials of the Noida Authority recently, the officials planned to shift these towers either to community centers at various sectors or at sparse places so radiation from these towers could not affect the local people.

The officials also decided to stop mobile tower operators from installing more towers in residential areas as city already has around 600 mobile towers for the population of seven lakh. During the meeting, it was also planned to eliminate towers installed atop hospital and institutional buildings.

According to the survey conducted by the Noida authority and city police last year, it was found that out of 600 mobile towers, 300 towers were illegally installed on the roofs of residential units. Twenty per cent of the towers have been illegally installed over institutional and hospital buildings.

In a 2010 sealing drive initiated by the authority, 200 towers were sealed from residential areas.  Meanwhile, the Federation of Noida Residents Welfare Association (FoNRWA) has also written to Noida authority seeking removal of mobile towers from the roofs of residential units.

“As residents are suffering from various health disorders due to high radiation from these towers, we have urged the competent authority to take penal action against the companies responsible for their wrongdoing,” said NP Singh, president of FoNRWA.

via Noida to relocate 300 mobile towers.

  1. what about the wildlife? these technologies stress the cells of every living creature.stop allowing “competing” towers.allow the bare minimum and allow no secrets regarding the placement or the output .with smartmeters,many of us are incredibly ill not just from the average meter,but the collection meters that aare way more powerfull and they have made it a secret where these devices are located .with cell communications,they just keep adding to the networks by adding more antennae to the original tower .this cannot be allowed.dont kill off the wildlife,please,the bees are almost gone now.bats and frogs,billions of them,evacuated/died permanently from my area when they “deployed” the meters here.many many birds species too.then on top of that they added to the cell phone towers for g4.we are dying here,so is everything else with living cells

  2. Wow! Fantastic! They have more intelligence than our filthy, greedy and stupid Western operators. Well done India!!!!

  3. I must agree strongly with Deanna Munson’s comment above. Totally agree with you Deanna and a wise observation.

  4. I agree with Deanna Munson. Noida Authorities in India may be trying to do the right thing by its people in removing mobile towers from residential areas, but choosing to irradiate nature and wildlife instead is NOT the answer to the problem of wireless radiation plaguing the planet and hideously compromising the health of ALL living things!

    People need to stop waiting for their government to be responsible, when they have so patently shown they are incapable of it. Each of us must make more considerate choices about how we live. Smart meters is only a tiny part of the growing wireless health crises. Bees, trees and wildlife are dying because most of us refuse to accept that each time we use a wireless device we are guilty of harming ourselves, others and the living planet. The only solution to the wireless health crisis is LESS wireless. The less of us with a mobile phone, the less need for mobile towers there’ll be.

    To date, the only place I’ve heard of in the world seeking to reduce wireless dependency is the municipality of Hérouville-St-Clair in France. Ten years ago Hérouville-St-Clair was the first town in the world to go completely wireless; in 2009 they did an about turn and became the first town to shut it down — stripping wi-fi from schools and public buildings, having decided they did not want to take that kind of health risk with their population and their children. And they clearly don’t feel they’ve lost out for doing away with wi-fi. Far from it, they’ve installed a sophisticated state-of-the-art fibre optic system that’s ‘faster, more stable and safer’ than wireless. Rah, rah, rah for cutting-edge fibre optics!

    Kudos to Hérouville-St-Clair for choosing to not let the greedy hi-tech industry hijack their well-being. Which country’s government is going to be the first to bravely say about the drive to wireless: ‘What we’re doing is absurd and needs to stop — NOW!’

    When are governments going to come out of denial and admit that there is NO SAFE PLACE to put wireless. The only safety is in having, as Deanna Munson said, the absolute bare minimum of it in the world.

  5. There is a lot of interesting discussion here from readers and in the comments from other articles.

    Have you guys at SSM considered adding a forum to this site? I’m sure there is a lot of useful information we could share on many different sub-topics and can help educate each other about things like avoiding / shielding EMF smog and it could lead to us making connections that could help with future campaigning / ideas to find ways to stop smart meters