Be Careful What You Sign For….

Anyone using online sites to manage or pay bills, or transact business of any sort, is familiar with “signing” one of those long detailed legal agreements usually called “Term and Conditions”–merely by checking a box.

Watch out.

On PG&E’s website [PG&E are Pacific Gas & Electric in the USA – ed.] for residential accounts, you may be signing away your right to any compensation over the paltry sum of five hundred dollars. This news comes to us from the San Jose Mercury News Action Line. A reader wrote in with this story:

I was surprised to find on page three of a four-page document that if I signed up online, I would be agreeing to the sum of $500 as damages against PG&E under any theory of liability. I called PG&E and asked about this language and was told that this is limited to my account. But my account is my home!

via Use the PG&E Website — and Sign Away Your Rights | Stop Smart Meters!.