Belgian telecoms chief removes Wi-Fi and says mobile phone signals are “dangerous”

[SSM UK comment] You don’t see stories like this everyday; apparently there is a company boss in Beligum with some common sense and a conscience.  Wow!

This is the news report of Mr. Didier Bellens, the head of Belgium telecoms operator Belgacom, and his policy of removing Wi-Fi from the management’s 27th floor offices, and encouraging partners to call on landlines – not mobile phones!

To put this in perspective, this is the equivalent of Monsanto banning GMOs in their own cafeteria (which they have done) and then recommending people eat as little GMO as possible (if only).

After this glowing endorsement from a major telecoms industry player, how safe do you think wireless technologies are?  Still fancy a Smart Meter?  How about a wifi-enabled Hello Kitty tablet for little one this Christmas?

Our rough translation of the article from Robin des Toits (original story in Belgium’s Trends-Tendances) follows: [/]

SCOOP : Didier Bellens, le patron de Belgacom (opérateur Belge) n’aime pas les ondes Wi-Fi et affirme que le GSM est « dangereux » ! – 07/12/2012.

The man who is at the head of Belgacom and Proximus informed schoolchildren on Tuesday about the dangers of the Internet in the charming company of Justine Henin. The initiative has been implemented with the partnership of Child Focus and Microsoft.

Bellens, the boss of Belgacom (Belgium operator), explains that the GSM is dangerous – (Sudpresse – 25/11/2011).

And when a child asks questions about the dangers of cell phone, the boss of the first GSM operator in the country will not mince words: He said to the children of School Centre of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre that GSM is bad and dangerous to health.

“During the day, it is better to use a headset because the GSM, it heats,” he explained first. “The waves are dangerous. At night, it is better to cut it. If you use your phone as an alarm clock, you must also turn off. ‘

  1. Encouraging anyone, least of all children with soft skulls, to use a headset/ear bud/wire while knowing that virtually all headsets act as antennas and that any antenna delivers the frequencies deeper into the brain is actually rather devious and underhanded.
    Even the doctor on admits freely that the Bluetube airspace headset he designed is still not safe and says that one should only use a cell phone for emergencies and his invention is far and away the best of the bad bunch.

  2. To this day I don’t own a mobil phone. I do have a line phone and an answering service. One can live without it, nothing happenes if I get an info one hour later. I would hate to be bothered all the time, with unwonted calles, also it drives me crazy that I hardley see people in their original state, which is without a phone coming out of their ears.
    Do not like to hear ringing at a concert or in the church. And above all people talking on the phone, while driving maddens me.