Beyond Orwell: Motorola ‘vitamins’ turn your body into authentication token

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[SSM]  Brace yourself, folks – because at this point, we surely cannot be far from a full-blown, human-microchipping propaganda drive.

Notice, for example, how the former head of military-offshoot DARPA cleverly positions this highly-invasive technology as her “first superpower” – as if letting a corporation like Motorola (owned by Google) put technology into your body would be an empowering experience for the individual.

It is also a little ironic that this invasive technology is being offered with a ‘security’ application – when the company behind it has unlawfully stolen sensitive personal information from people on multiple occasions.

Many people could easily buy into carefully-crafted sales messages like those being pushed by the ex-military bod now heading-up Motorola’s ‘multi-vits’ division.  Some could even be led into thinking of this biologically-interactive technology as cool and helpful.

Our take is that there is nothing cool about letting an outfit like Motorola/Google enter your body – especially given the likelihood that once they are in there, they won’t want to leave.

As we know from Big Energy’s Smart Meters, the hype around technologies like this is very different from the reality.  [/]

Wired  ::  30.05.13  ::  Philippa Warr

Google-owned tech company, Motorola [whose own counter-research into wireless radiation showed DNA damage – Ed.] has unveiled a prototype vitamin tablet which enables your entire body to function as an authentication token.

The pill was introduced by Regina Dugan, former director of the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and current head of Motorola’s research division.

It highlights the fact that hacking is a major concern as we conduct more and more of our business online and that many companies are investigating or implementing alternative authentication strategies to the straightforward username/password scenario.

“I take a vitamin every morning, what if I could take vitamin authentication?”  Dugan asked onstage at the D11 conference. She then went on to describe the device as “my first super power”.

The tablets contain a small chip with a switch and something that amounts to an inside-out potato battery.  After swallowing it the acids in your stomach act as electrolytes, which power the battery and turn the switch on and off in a sequence.

The result is that your body contains an 18-bit ECG-like signal, which can be picked up by devices and used as an authentication method.

Read more at Vitamin tablet makes your whole body an authentication token Wired UK or enjoy the informative piece by the Faull Brothers below.

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  1. jesus christ! you making this up surely? you couldn’t make this up….

  2. We are a planet sleepwalking to our doom. Nothing, absolutely nothing, greed-driven corporations do for profit, power and control can surprise me. They don’t care that they’re creating hell on earth not just for the rest of us but for themselves too, since they have to live here like the rest of us, though possibly they believe that all their money will allow them to live in a protective bubble. They are in for a rude awakening.

    Has anyone even seen the documentary ‘The Money Masters’ from 1996? I watched it on YouTube a few years ago and it answered some questions I’ve had for a while. If you want to know when and how this seemingly entrenched system of control by the few over the many began, this is worth the watch …

    Admittedly, it’s a long documentary, but even just the first hour will tell you a lot about the beginnings of where we now are as a world.

    These people have engineered the entire legal system upon which we live simply to control us. Just one example: patent laws exist not to protect the inventor; they exist so the powers that be can monitor and kill any patents that is good for this world but jeopardises their power. It’s why we’re still highly dependent on oil, for example. It doesn’t matter which industry you look at — pharmaceutical, farming, technological — they all lead back to where it all began — which is with the financial and banking institutions. Educational institutions exist largely as part of the brainwashing process. The longer one spends in the educational system, the more likely one is to be a lackey and supporter of the system that control us.

    Check out the latest article from the Alliance of Natural Health below to find out why big pharma is considered worse than the mafia, though I suspect many of you here are probably more informed than most and already know what’s going on in that industry too.

    When will the public decide they’ve had enough and begin the revolution?

  3. No chance.

    Message to the USA military, Googe, Motorola…