Big brother to log your drinking habits and waist size – Doctors forced to hand-over confidential patient data

[SSM UK]  Here’s a plan that would enable your lifestyle data -as collected by your Smart Meter- to be married with your medical status and history – as collected by your doctor.  If you do not wish to see an end to patient/GP confidentiality, give your local surgery a call and ask them how they feel about their sacrosanct agreement with you being trampled by another public sector white elephant.  Take the opportunity to notify them -for the record- that you do not consent for your data to be uploaded to this centralised system, and remind them that the ONLY way to protect data from security breaches is to not collect it in the first place – especially with the NHS’s woeful track record in losing and mislaying vast quantities of sensitive patient data. [/]

Jack Doyle – PUBLISHED: 22:28, 1 February 2013 | UPDATED: 08:54, 2 February 2013

GPs are to be forced to hand over confidential records on all their patients’ drinking habits, waist sizes and illnesses.

The files will be stored in a giant information bank that privacy campaigners say represents the ‘biggest data grab in NHS history’.  They warned the move would end patient confidentiality and hand personal information to third parties.

The data includes weight, cholesterol levels, body mass index, pulse rate, family health history, alcohol consumption and smoking status.

Diagnosis of everything from cancer to heart disease to mental illness would be covered. Family doctors will have to pass on dates of birth, postcodes and NHS numbers.

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  1. Big Brother is watching you used to be the popular term and little by little it’s happening,if we let it happen.