BOMBSHELL!! Cameron calls “Crisis Meeting” with ‘Big Six’ CEOs (Smart Meter Bunker Scene)

Following the latest energy price hikes scandal, Cameron convenes an Emergency Planning Meeting with the Energy ‘Big Six’ CEOs in the basement of BG headquarters.

Despite managing to keep a staggering £12 BILLION’S worth of planned spending in ‘Smart’ Meters out of the debate, the jig now appears to be up…

  1. Fab well done and will circulate.

  2. Who the hell sanctioned £12 billion to be spent on smart meters? We are really being taken for a ride.

    • We are indeed – and there’s NO mention of it in the press. With all the recent news about unwarranted bill increases, you would think that they would be falling over themselves to sell us on the ‘massive savings’ that will (not) be delivered by Smart Meters, wouldn’t you? £400 per home for the Smart Meter programme – a staggering sum – for the estimated saving of £23 per home per year and an end to your meter reader popping round once a year. Something doesn’t quite add up..

  3. £12 Billion is a lot of money it would seem….. unless it is a bribe for the industry etc.

    Be as wise a serpent and as a gentle as a dove.


  4. Best laugh I’ve had in years. Well done. Humour is a most effective weapon as the history of satire shows us.

    Brilliantly done – more please as the ludicrousness of the whole insane situation can only best be portrayed by comedy.

    Whoever did this is a genius – maybe do a compilation and we can buy it for a Christmas dvd ? This is just the tonic needed by all those of us suffering from enforced microwave radiation pollution of our homes. Not only gives us a break from the gloom and doom but exposes the trickery and stupidity of the idiots who are leading us on into this mess.

  5. A cracker. Well done. This will go around Whitehall like wildfire.

  6. Really funny, hope it goes viral, might make a few sheeple THINK.
    Well done and thanks for caring.

  7. Excellent video, shared on FB 🙂