British families at risk from smart meters, [SSM! UK] tells MPs

[SSM UK] Huge thanks to the Telegraph for the following story which features some of our statements at the Commons yesterday.  If you’d like to look a little further beyond the headlines and see our representatives’ comments given in context (recommended), you can do so here (or see embedded video below):

If, after reviewing the evidence in the video, you have any questions or comments about what we presented, please say so in the comments and we will provide references.[/]

Smart energy meters offered to every British home could be as dangerous as a “bullet from a rifle” because of the radiation they emit, campaigners have told MPs.

By Rowena Mason, Political Correspondent, 24 Apr 2013

Officials said smart meters are perfectly safe, as the level of radiation they emit is less than that of a mobile phone. Energy companies are planning to install the devices in British homes by 2019 to make gas and electricity readings more accurate.

However, Stop Smart Meters UK told MPs that there is evidence the radiation could be 140 to 800 times higher than that from mobile phones.

Dr Liz Evans, a campaigner, said there are hundreds of studies showing “evidence of harm could be acute”, including possible “chronic effects from long term exposure such as cancer, infertility, dementia, genetic damage, immune system dysfunction and damage to foetuses”.

“We are [one] of many organisations calling for a precautionary approach, particularly for children,” she said.

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Original House of Commons Select Committee footage with our representatives below:


  1. Well done.

  2. Great presentation, guys. Pity that Tim Yeo is a proponent of Smart meters. Several of the members of the committee asked pertinent questions, especially about the vulnerabilty of the meters to hacking. Lets hope they took opn board the health dangers. Well done.

  3. 3 out of 4 SSM UK reps here are medical doctors all of whom calmly with supporting evidence put their points to the floor.

    I thank you all for your commitment on behalf of my children, now young adults who are the ‘normalised’ wi fi generation. Its imperative that this fundamental campaign gather strength and support from responsible adults making informed, not imposed, choices for their childrens futures.
    Very well done to all of you,I cant thank you enough.

  4. One needs to understand the collusion and downright corruption that exists – and has for decades – within the ‘standard-setting’ agencies such as the WHO, ICNIRP, FCC, IEEE and Canada’s “Health Canada.” For example: Dr. Michael Repacholi set the Exposure Standards for ICNIRP, the WHO and co-authored them for Canada’s so-called Safety Code 6 – all of which are based purely on short term thermal effects of EMR. Then look at FCC and see who the decision-makers are there: 5 political appointees of the U.S. President – none of whom are scientists. Then look at IEEE, whose own committee, the International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety, sets IEEE’s Exposure Limits, and you’ll see its members are: the US Air Force, the US Army, Nokia, Motorola, Siemens, Alcatel-Lucent, Bell. Then Google: “Corruption in WHO” and you’ll see Repacholi accepted $150,000/year for the 10 years he headed up WHO’s $250-million study of EMR. The truth is shocking and disgraceful. Jerry Flynn, Canada

    • Thanks for that Jerry – and for your own fantastic contribution to this issue as well.

  5. Congratulations on an excellent attack on smart meters. We campaigned against the Back scatter radiation scanners at Manchester Airport and thankfully they have been removed. Keep the faith. One question that I haven’t found addressed is “what is the combined impact on the human body of a dect phone,a mobile phone, wireless wi-fi hubs and smart meters all used in the same property over a period of years?”. Surely the 100trillion cells in the human body will vibrate in response to the frequencies and the combined aspect of this will surely be very detrimental!! P.S What about a blood sample of a human that has been exposed in such a way before and after?

    • Well done on your campaign against the backscatter machines – awful things.

      In answer to your question about blood samples, we’ll do a post on that soon. In the meantime, Dr Magda Havas has done some research on that – it’s a very simple experiment that you can do at home with a cheap microscope and you can clearly see a Rouleaux effect after just 10 mins on a mobile phone. This makes is difficult for blood to circulate, carry oxygen and waste.

      • Thank you for the information, we will check it out.We are wising up fast but still a huge amount to learn.We wish you continued success.

  6. This technology is terrifying when you understand that the global elite WANT a global population reduction and a global government which dictates to the global population. Technologies such as SMART meters are one of the tools to bring about their world order. Add this to the fact that governments all over the planet appear to be becoming more and more oppressive as individual freedoms evaporate. Just consider how the UK society has changed in the last 15 years alone and now imagine 30 years in the future. An imagine of NAZI Germany would look like a utopia in comparison. There’s no better way for a government to harness more power and authority than a submissive, obedient society of people who are unable to concentrate. Also, the older generation is supposed to give us our wisdom and act as leaders and I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that governments are becoming more oppressive while technologies remove our freedoms at a time when the elderly are experiencing exponential growth in Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

    I honestly believe we are witnessing a very carefully planned attempt to form a global government by a few powerful elite families. Many people are saying this today and there is an OVERWHELMING body of evidence to suggest this plan has been around long before the world wars. I know it sounds CRAZY and far-fetched but the evidence is there if you look. Ask yourself this, what better way to discredit the people exposing this conspiracy than to use the media and ridicule all conspiracy theorists as crazy nut-jobs. We’ve all seen the mainstream media indoctrinating this belief into us for the last 20 years.

    Be HONEST with yourself and do you OWN research but stay away from the corporate controlled media because they will misdirect and misinform with their CONSTANT propaganda.

    • Dear Richard,

      I have done a great deal of research and I totally agree with you.

      • I too … WiFi is just one of the talons.

        Deleberate Food and water contamination too. Depleted Uranium from all of the wars made it to the UK it attaches itself to your DNA by replacing the phosphorous atom at the end of the helix.See prof Busby reports. Exposure to electromagnetic radiation amplifies the harm .. an airport scanner for instance or WiFi. See our graph of the Aldermaston UK High capacity filters. We all copped it and its in our food chain – intentionally ! Graph about 1/2 way down the article click it twice for full resolution.

        We are being erased !

        “One CFR published policy objective is substantial worldwide depopulation including half of the current U.S. population being targeted. This population reduction program is largely funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Merck Fund, both financially and administratively linked to the Merck pharmaceutical company–the world’s leading vaccine manufacturer……..Records show the Merck pharmaceutical company received a major share of the Nazi “flight capital” at the close of World War II when its president, George W. Merck, was America’s biological weapons industry director. These facts were revealed by Norman Covert, Army public relations director at Fort Detrick in Frederick, MD, and veteran news correspondent Paul Manning in his book “Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile” (Lyle Stuart, Inc, 1981). “—Dr Horowitz

  7. Congratulations on a great debate, I totally agree, it is a stupid grid.
    If we are forced to have smart meters, even if they are wired, I will have them cut me off and live without power or become a gypsy, I feel that strongly about NOT having smart meters.
    I think that Dr Jill Meara should be sent to live in a smart meter area, and see if she still has the same view.
    Is the plan to have everything world wide?


    The CARBON footprint of producing smart meters world wide, and then having to replace them after ten years is not smart at all.

    Passing the cost onto the customer is disgraceful and greedy.


    Making people feel watched in their own home by knowing exactly when a light is switched on or when an appliance is used, so they know when we are in or out.

  9. Many thanks for your efforts on this subject and the knowledge that you bring with it. Surely we should all be erring on the side of caution if there is any possibility of risk to human health?

    Also how can utility companies be so blind to the possibilities of cyber attacks and control in the future as these devices have no protection?

  10. Massive thanks to you both for fronting-up in parliament about ‘Smart’ meters; you did a sound job and fielded the prejudicial questions well. Some ‘official’ peeps were definitely out looking for any weak links in your armour. The lady with blonde hair’s beautiful as well!

    It’s quite shocking; that the Govt and BIG corporations are clearly all in bed together. The so-called ‘evidence’ and ‘safety guidelines’ they present are not real at all. They’re levels created not to protect the public or planet, but to justify their use of technologies that are dangerous and in the long-term unknown, so they can make BILIONS of DOLLARS out of them that get funnelled into the bank accounts of the elitist few.

    If we all suffer as a consequence, they don’t really care. So, we have to take a stand and BE AWARE as the collective collusion is inherent in many forms now. My feeling is best to take personal precautions against WIFI that has now saturated our environment. There’s Personal Harmonisers etc you can buy, carry and use the help to negate the effects of WIFI.

    I’ll be placing my ‘NO SMART METER’ loud and proud!

    Best, Dave.

    P.S My website is under construction, why it’s shading looking right now!

  11. Help
    I don’t want a Smart meter, But my energy supplier, First Utility are threating me with court action, The letter states they will apply to a court for a warrant, which will give them authority to enter my home, if I don’t agree to having a smart meter installed.
    Siemens who are acting on behalf of First Utility say they have identified my meter and it requires a replacement. and are required by Law under the Meters (certificate)Regulations 1998 act to ensure all meters are replaced by the end of their certified life.

    Can they do this? Is it compulsory? should I move to another energy supplier? I don’t want the meter installed.

    Any ideas on what I can or cant do will be appreciated
    Thanks Janet

    • Hi Janet,
      please contact us via the form (Other Resources – Contact Us) and we will try to help.

  12. I have been talking to people that I give leaflets to instead of just handing them out.
    I have also bought a new printer because my old one is not working properly and printing at the library is expensive, so now that I have a new printer I will also go door to door personally and handing out leaflets and not just posting them.
    If I talk to people that I know and give them the leaflet, I then do not push the issue and then they become interested.
    I do not have much money to help but I am personally talking to people in the HOPE that someone will listen.

  13. I have been printing out leaflets and personally giving them to people after explaining all about them in the hope that they will look into it further.
    If I am waiting in a queue I use this oportunity to talk to people about smart meters and give them a leaflet.
    I earn minimum wage but still try and find the money to print leaflets.
    There are alot of people that really reject anything bad and think that the government would not allow this.


    i hope that you have sorted this because we are allowed to OPT OUT.

    I am on your side so just K E E P S T R O N G and fight this.

  15. You can choose whether to beleive me or not.
    Before Aron Alexis shot 12 navy people in washington, he said that he was been followed by people with a microwave machine to make him not sleep and put voices into his head.
    This seems true because I have a document called ‘Bioeffects of non lethal weapons’. The smart meters have the ability to put voices into peoples heads, so if you hear voices in your head do not listen to them, and you are NOT mad.

  16. Please put my last comment in because I have alreadry put it in to the washington post.

  17. Hey all, well done on keeping rollin’ despite efforts to sideline you (and all of us!).

    I find this info on the currently prevailing elite’s links to the Nazis fascinating. I’ve studied Nazism in History for years.

    I’ve always felt that actually things are no different in the west at a fundamental level of deceit, collective collusion, denial, and the use of propaganda for social indoctrination.

    Essential, we live in a covert Nazi state just labelled under Capitalism and fed a delusion that we are right and honourable. Indeed, the Nazis (and quite rightly) are scorned and blamed in History, and yet today it is easy to observe that much of what is unfolding is so very similar.

    Mass hypocrisy and collective collusion are endemic and if anyone speaks out and challenges the status quo, well, watch-out!

    Nobody in their right mind would voluntarily want ‘SMART’. And yet, vested interest groups have, prior to creating ‘SMART’ decided they’re a good thing; the mind boggles as such decision making.

    Of course, even if we don’t have a ‘SMART-DUMB-ASS’ meter, the whole country will be drowned in the radiation 24/7, so everyone is effected whether we like it or not.

    This is totalitarianism in disguise, but apparently we live in a democracy. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

    keep up the good work!