California Health Department Report on Smart Meter Risks


The first California County Health Department smart meter report has been issued in Santa Cruz, CA, expressing strong concerns about health effects from smart meter radiation exposures, asking their county to impose another moratorium on installations.

In addition, the health department asks the county supervisors to sign a petition to postpone the CPUC opt-out ruling until independent investigations and public health hearings are conducted. Many portions of this report pertain to all municipalities where smart meters are being used and is a model for other communities.

This health department report, approved by County legal council, was issued at the request of the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors (BOS).

In a cover letter to the BOS, Health Department Administrator Mauriello states,

“The Public Health Officer’s report is provided as Attachment B. The report discusses the health risks associated with SmartMeters, the scientific reports and actions the public might take to mitigate potential harm.”

In addition:

“This office and County Counsel believe that notwithstanding the enforcement challenges, that it is in the best interest of public health, safety, and welfare for your Board to adopt the attached ordinance (Attachment A) implementing a temporary moratorium on the installation of SmartMeters in or on any home, apartment, condominium or business within the unincorporated areas of the County”.

Further, the County health department advises that their Board of Supervisors sign a formal petition to the CPUC to request additional public hearings and information gathering concerning smart meter radiation exposures and safety issues before final opt-out decisions are made, and independent investigation of rf radiation exposures from smart meters, particularly in the cases involving grouping of meters, such as where mult-family dwellings are located, such as apartments or condos; where gas and electric meters are located together; and in the circumstances where a home has (more high-powered and thus, higher radiation emissions ) a collector meter, or relay, for other local neighborhood meters.

(Note: requests to San Diego Gas & Electric to identify homes with collector meters have gone unanswered. Those customers likely have no idea that they even have a collector meter, nor of their potential increased risk from higher rf radiation emissions.)

The full health department report, county ordinance issuing a moratorium, and petition to the CPUC is found at the link above.