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The Smart (Meter) Agenda – Mike Mitcham, AV5

In this presentation from the AV5 conference in May, Mike exposes the massive downsides of the so-called “Smart” Meter programme and sheds light on exactly why Big Energy/Utility cannot afford to tell you the facts about them. Uploaded with the kind permission of AV5′s organisers.  Book your […]

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Free is a Lie – Aral Balkan

Using ‘free’ email providers, or a ‘free’ social media platform?  Have you been offered a ‘free’ Smart Meter? Free is a lie.  Remind your children to never give data to a stranger.

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How Smart Meters Invade Your Privacy: A Comprehensive Report

Last week, SkyVision Solutions released an updated report entitled, “A Perspective on How Smart Meters Invade Individual Privacy.” The original report was issued in March of this year and has now been updated with new information regarding investor owned utilities (IOUs) as well as addressing a White House […]

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On the Internet of Things, your body is the next thing to be networked

At a recent demonstration in Toronto, a biomedical researcher slipped on a wristband and waved it at a laptop, watching as the computer recognized him and unlocked itself. Then he handed the same wristband to his research partner, who put it on and tried the same thing—but […]

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“Not-so-smart meters” – What Doctors Don’t Tell You magazine exposes Smart Meter threats

Our thanks go to What Doctors Don’t Tell You magazine and columnist Guy Hudson for their excellent article this month on the dangers of Smart Meters. You can pick up a copy of the magazine – published monthly – in WH Smiths, or subscribe at To […]

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Is your home’s energy meter spying on you? | Fox News

Well done to our good friend Josh del Sol (director of documentary Take Back Your Power) for this headline story on! Utility companies across the U.S. are installing smart meters in customers’ homes, touting the technology’s energy-saving ways, but opponents argue that the meters are […]

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The threats of Facebook and data mining – Prof. Eben Moglen

In this video presentation, law professor Eben Moglen brilliantly explains the how proprietary, closed-source, communication technologies are potentially bringing 1,000 years of struggle for freedom of speech and thought to an end.  Who ultimately prevails is yet to be seen. As Moglen lucidly describes the rise of […]

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Exposed: Google’s “Smart Home” Surveillance Plans, or, How To Not Be Colonized | TBYP

Two weeks ago, the New York Times’ truth-humor strip on “The Home of the Future” came on the heels of Google’s purchase of ‘smart thermostat’ manufacturer Nest for $3.2 Billion.  With power utility commissions such as California already stating their intention to “expand third-party access” to in-home […]

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Human Microchipping, ‘Smart’ Grid and The Internet of ‘Things’

“Here we have companies that are basically hunting you, hunting your family and your lineage and your next generation and the average person… does nothing.” ~  Greg Nikolettos Direct link on YT for reference: This presentation, by Greg Nikolettos, was filmed at AV3 in the UK […]

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‘Smart’ Meters & Surveillance – What Are Your Rights Worth?

Firstly, we have been inundated with requests for stickers over the last few days.  Thank you to everyone who has asked and huge thanks to those who have kindly made a donation. There is without doubt a burgeoning backlash building against these insidious Smart Meters and the […]

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UK gov’s smart meter dream unplugged: A ‘colossal waste of cash’

Excerpt of analysis by On 23 June, the village of Alfriston in the South Downs hosted Get Wired, an event celebrating old-fashioned wired analogue power meters – or, more accurately, opposing their replacement by new wireless “smart” meters. Organiser Stop Smart Meters UK is worried about […]

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NSA PRISM: provides direct access to servers of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple and others

[SSM] On Friday (07-6-13), the Guardian broke a story about a previously undisclosed, $20m/annum NSA program called PRISM – which provides the NSA with direct access to the servers of Google, Facebook, Apple and other US internet giants.  The companies mentioned in the Guardian’s article strenuously denied […]

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Motorola working on Digital Tattoos + “Password Pill”

[SSM] Cut through the emotional, appeal-to-health/convenience sales pitch to see where these insidious technologies lead.  The question is: whose pet are you? [/] Besides releasing in October 2013 the Moto X smartphone, Motorola Mobility’s first handset since it was acquired by Google, the company is working on […]

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Secrets of 27m mobile phones offered to police ~ Sunday Times

[Note how the deal was immediately "shelved" as soon as the Sunday Times' light was shone on it.  Data captured about the behaviour & habits of you and your family at home via a 'Smart' Meter would also be a very highly-prized asset - unless, of course, […]

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Big brother to switch off your fridge: Power giants to make millions – but you must pay for ‘sinister’ technology

Computer chips will take control of home appliances when energy is low Sensors will detect spikes in demand for power and when grid struggles to meet it, will temporarily shut off appliances Can shut down supply without warning – or your consent Mail Online :: By Russell […]

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Research firm turns customer ‘Smart’ Meter data into energy ‘credit-score’

[SSM UK]  Once in place, ‘Smart’ Meters will be able to do a LOT more than we currently give them (energy) credit for.  Also see here. [/] A New York research firm that turns massive amounts of data into streamlined information, CUBRC (pronounced “coo-brick”) invested $1.2 million […]

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Ladies and gentlemen, Less than 72 hours ago we published a story about PG&E being fined for spying on anti-smart meter groups in California. Less than 24 hours ago we published our confusion about seeing the British Gas Smart Metering team’s name added to our campaign. […]

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Smart Meters – Engineering a Virtual Panopticon

Our thanks go to the UK Column newspaper for featuring an article written by us this month:  Please share widely. LONDON, March 7, 2013, Stop Smart Meters! (UK) If you are the average Internet and telephone user, 736 pieces of personal information are collected about you […]

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Commons Select Committee Publishes Over 100 Responses To ‘Smart’ Meter Consultation from Concerned Scientists, Doctors, Campaign Groups

The House of Commons Select Committee has just published submissions to its consultation on DECC’s ‘Smart’ Meter plans.  Despite the fact that we received only two days notice about the consultation, it appears as though more than 100 scientists, doctors, campaign groups and concerned individuals (as well […]

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Lou Collins Radio Show 11/2/13 – Mike from Stop Smart Meters! (UK)

Interview starts around 7 minutes in after Lou played the trailer for Take Back Your Power.  Mike covered quite a lot of ground in this interview. Download available here (155Mb): via Lou Collins Radio Show 11/2/13 Mike from Stop Smart Meters UK by Lou Collins on […]

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