Chair legs it from UK govt smart meter installation programme • The Register

The chair of the government’s controversial smart meter programme, Baroness McDonagh, has left her post after recently criticising the roll-out of the widely hated scheme.

Current costs of the scheme are expected to reach £11bn, while total lifetime costs were recently pegged as high as £19bn – the same amount that the programme is hoped to save.

Baroness McDonagh was the inaugural chair of Smart Energy GB, the body tasked with raising awareness of the scheme.

Speculation is rife that McDonagh was pushed out of the position for taking a critical stance on the scheme’s roll-out.

Several weeks ago she told the BBC that the scheme needed greater private sector involvement. “As we know from experience, governments are not good at big infrastructure projects because it’s not their business,” she said.

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  1. Energy Consumers:Please send a copy of this to your energy supplier as I have done to mine.

    Hello Ovo,
    Your site gives me nearly all the information that I need.
    If I start using electric for heating and cooking my meter will start to spin wildly and cost me a lot of money.
    A smart meter will give me no more information than you do so will be useless for me the consumer.
    I think it is probably a crazy Lib-Dem policy that I believe is now going to cost £19 billion.
    Please tell me that you will not ask me or force me to have one of these meters.
    Kind regards
    Robin Howard