Electromagnetic Pollution & Disease – Interview with Epidemiologist Dr Sam Milham – Coast To Coast AM

Wireless ‘Smart’ Meters will add significant amounts of electromagnetic pollution to people’s homes and the environment.  Exercise your lawful right to refuse them.

  1. I agree with everything mentioned, but I am finding it so hard to wake people up to what is going on. I am sorting out some bits to print and hand out.

    I have also heard that there is a more powerful smart meter, which covers 500-700 other smart meters as a main collection of data, so the residents at that property will probably suffer more.

    My Mother will not listen, she says “The government would not allow something that harms us”
    I will keep trying.

  2. I have tried a few times, but can’t watch this video. It keeps coming up black saying ‘This Video is Private’. What’s going on?

    • It looks like the video has been taken down or censored.

  3. The video is not playing anymore.

  4. Bexley council will be the first place in the UK to install smart water readers, which is going to be varied out between February 2014 to March 2015.

    After knowing the health risks these cause, I am absolutely appalled that our council is more interested in money saving than our health. I understand the economic situation we are in but how much do we have to put up with?

    This is not right and I need all the help I can get to warn Bexley residents that Smart Readers are dangerous.