Free is a Lie – Aral Balkan

Using ‘free’ email providers, or a ‘free’ social media platform?  Have you been offered a ‘free’ Smart Meter?

Free is a lie.  Remind your children to never give data to a stranger.

  1. Smart Meters made people ill in the USA, there were masses of demonstrations against them in varIous areas in the USA. I know how dangerous are the microwave emissions from masts – AND mobile phones – the latter can work at 0.01 microwatts – British levels are far too high at 450 microwatts, so WHY is the British government allowing this unnecessary exposure of US – the People – to such harmful emissions? In Salzburg, permitted levels are 0.1 microwatts! Why does the British government insist on allowinG 450 MICROWATTS? GIVE US SAFE LEVELS PLEASE MR. CAMERON! Gillian Lyden

  2. The days for pleading with the government are over. Look around you and you’ll find lots of policies that are not beneficial to public health. Try the fluoridation of people’s water. Not only do government bodies, like the PHE, refute and ignore all the scientific research that confirms that ingesting fluoride, especially as babies, creates many long-term health problems but it is creating and publicising its own information, to convince the public that there is a need for fluoride.
    Government strategies are constantly being developed to dupe the public. We are no longer to consider the term “mass medication” has any basis,in the case of fluoride, and there’s no mention in its propaganda that fluorosis, which can develop in 40% of teenagers is a real concern.
    Smart meters is another one. attack the masses with something that’s invisible – out of sight and out of mind. Yes, anyone who looks into Smart Meters discovers they’re harmful but most people won’t bother so the sickness industry will be guaranteed ever-more profit.
    Profit’s the name of the game, not public health. Take a look at the new law set to go through the EU parliament, the TTIP whereby America will have the upper-hand: Multi national companies will be able to sue EU governments whenever corporate profits are threatened by new safety regulations. that’s what its’ all about so we must just get real and get on with it; there’s no one to speak for the common man.