*BREAKING NEWS* Get Wired & Take Back Your Power!

See UPDATE 1 here: http://www.stopsmartmeters.org.uk/get_wired-update1

Following news of the Government’s Smart Meter betrayal yesterday, we are pleased to announce we will be hosting a groundbreaking conference ~  GET WIRED ~ in the beautiful Sussex countryside on Sunday 23rd June 2013.  The aim is to raise awareness about the proliferation of harmful wireless technologies and present ideas for taking action to protect yourself and your loved ones.

The event will feature speakers from the medical, scientific, film-making and activist communities who will share their knowledge and experiences in encouraging necessary and urgent resistance to wireless technologies, including new-generation energy ‘Smart’ Meters.

It will also feature the long-awaited and internationally-acclaimed official UK premiere of TAKE BACK YOUR POWER” – a feature-length, critical investigation of Smart Meters and the Smart Grid led by a Canadian film-maker, Josh del Sol.  £3 from all ticket sales will go directly to Josh’s team to help market and complete the film for release onto DVD and across the web.

Each of our speakers will shed light on different, crucial aspects of wireless technologies and we are delighted to welcome as our special guest, Stop Smart Meters (California) director, Josh Hart.  Josh will talk about his experiences in tackling Smart Meters on the west coast of America and how communities there have mobilised to defend their hard-won rights to privacy and freedom from harm.  Our confirmed speaker line-up includes:

Josh Hart   –   Director, Stop Smart Meters! (California)   –   The realities of Smart Meters, USA experiences + taking action

Dr. Isaac Jamieson   –   Director, BioSustainable Design   –  Impacts of wireless radiation on our environment

James Russell   –   Director & Producer   –   Resonance: Beings of Frequency

Ian R Crane  –  Researcher/Analyst, Deep Geopolitics   –   The Global Control Grid

Dr. Elizabeth Evans + Michael Mitcham  –  Co-Founders,  Stop Smart Meters! (UK)   –   Impact of wireless radiation on people

… with more to be confirmed soon.



Get Wired will be held at a wonderful farm location in the village of Alfriston in the South DownsThe exact address will be provided with your ticket purchase.

The venue has various gardens and an indoor sports hall where the screening of Take Back Your Power will be shown and the main talks will be held.  The lovely village of Alfriston has numerous B&Bs for overnight accommodation.  Overnight camping is available on-site as well as caravan hook-ups for anyone wishing to stay overnight in a low-EMF area of outstanding beauty (we will be requesting anyone attending with mobile phones to switch them off as a courtesy to attendees with electro-hypersensitivity – why not enjoy a day out without your mobile altogether?).


Sunday 23rd June 2013.  Arrive 10:30am for 11:00am start, finishes approx 18:00 with Q+A panel session.  There will be c.75 mins for lunch (not included) and comfort/coffee breaks after each session providing an opportunity to chat with other attendees and speakers.

Small print:  The Get Wired itinerary may be subject to changes – but rest assured that we will do our best to ensure this is a fantastic day out!

Given the event is only a few weeks away, all efforts to help us promote it would be appreciated even if you cannot attend yourself.  Please tell all your friends and print out copies of the above flyer (right click, save as..) for any local noticeboards or shop counters that may be happy enough to have them (health food shops, health clinics, supermarkets, sports clubs, day care centres, tree-lined avenues…etc.)

PLEASE JOIN US for what promises to be an extremely important and timely event – providing an opportunity to learn about this critical issue directly from experts and activists in the field and meet like-minded people who are prepared to start taking action to protect present and future generations.  If you have friends and family that still need alerting to this issue, this will be a great opportunity to let them absorb some quality information.

TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE NOW AT – http://GetWired.eventbrite.co.uk .

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  1. Is it possible to buy some printed leaflets from your printers, as before?

  2. @ SSM.I’ve looked for news of a gov U-turn on smart metres yesterday but can’t find it. Can you tell us where we can look for details of it?

    I was suspicious it was a ‘false flag’ anyway, but I’m now wondering if the ‘murder’ in Woolwich was set up to distract from a U-turn, “cress + wifi” and growing debate online about wireless tech.

  3. Good to see things are happening. I’ve got a holiday booked for that week or I would attend. Good luck to you guys, I hope you can come up with some firm plans about how to proceed.

    Stephanie – the number to call to buy the leaflets is here http://stopsmartmeters.org.uk/leaflets-please-circulate/ . The U-turn is just referring to the new ruling that once a smart meter has been installed, it cannot be uninstalled, which contradicts the previous assertion that smart meters are voluntary.

    • Oh, thanks Hadley. Was hoping it was a U-turn about installation 🙁

      @ SSM, it would be helpful to know more about the camping site, and place of conference ie.

      As meals are not provided are there nearby shops?
      Is camping allowed the night before the conference and/or night of?


      • I mean it would be helpful to know these things BEFORE booking and making up one’s mind.

      • Hi Stephanie,

        http://www.alfriston-village.co.uk/eatingout/index.html covers eating out in Alfriston and the village does have shops (no supermarket).

        Camping at the venue for as many nights as required, pro rota at £7/person/night. Electrical hooks ups for caravans. Showers and toilets available for campers.

        The conference is 5 mins walk or so. There are a range of shops, pubs, restaurants/eats, etc. as well as B&Bs within walking distance.

        It’s gonna be great and hope you can join us 🙂