Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference, Holland ~ Do we have the courage to break free?

Our new friends at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement are hosting a world-class, three-day conference covering the past, present and future of breakthrough energy technologies and their world-changing implications.

The conference schedule has been carefully curated to interest and inform scientists, students, technicians, entrepreneurs and the general public and features speakers from across the globe. They include former Canadian Cabinet Minster, Paul Hellyer, former US Assistant Secretary of Housing in the first Bush Administration, Catherine Austin-Fitts, and a range of scientists, engineers, researchers and experts all of whom are trying to bring about a greater awareness of new energy technologies that have the potential to radically “change the game”.

The Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference takes place 9th – 11th Nov 2012, in Hilversum, Holland.  With less than two weeks to go, the remaining tickets are likely to sell quickly.

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