Government plans to install smart meters in our homes ‘will leave us open to cyber attack’ – Mail Online

  • Foreign computer hackers will be able to target individual homes
  • Campaigners say it goes to far and creates ‘a spy in every home’
  • Home information could be ‘sold’ to burglars and identity thieves


Intelligence chiefs have warned that plans to install smart energy meters in every house will leave families vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

According to the Government’s listening agency GCHQ, the plans will create a ‘strategic vulnerability’, giving foreign computer hackers the opportunity to target individual homes, municipal buildings and even whole districts.

Intrusion? Smart meters could be installed in every property - and could lead to a cyber attack

Described by security experts as the ‘modern day equivalent of a nuclear strike’, hackers would be able to switch off meters from overseas, cutting off targets from the national grid.

Privacy campaigners are already seeking to block the plans on the grounds that the meters will create a ‘spy in every home’.

The meters will collect details about how people use electricity and gas, allowing snoopers to, for example, scrutinise what time someone goes to bed, washes or uses their computer.

The information will be beamed to a central database held by a utility firm, making it a tempting target for hackers. A further concern is that the meters could allow individual households to be cut off by Whitehall or energy companies at times of future fuel shortages…

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  1. If a SMART METER is installed, what can be done to reduce any radiation problems?

    • Hi Fred,

      Are you in the UK? If so, ring you utility provider and demand they remove it. Some people in the US have bought shielding devices which cover their meters (try and others have used aluminium/aluminum foil to reduce exposure. Please ensure if you do this it doesn’t cause a fire hazard! We haven’t tried either of these methods yet so cannot vouch for them. The best approach to to get the meters replaced – demand they do so on health grounds if need be.
      People in the UK have a choice about getting them – they are not mandatory.