Human Microchipping, ‘Smart’ Grid and The Internet of ‘Things’

“Here we have companies that are basically hunting you,
hunting your family
and your lineage
and your next generation
and the average person… does nothing.”
~  Greg Nikolettos

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This presentation, by Greg Nikolettos, was filmed at AV3 in the UK in 2009.  It showcases a global microchipping agenda, tracing the history of the microchip through to the current (surprising) ownership of the technology.

Going back in history, ominous parallels are drawn between today’s emerging technologies and data gathering trends, and the Nazi regime fully controlling the populace through information gathering tools and techniques over 70 years ago.  Greg also discusses some of the corporations that profited from this grave period in history and which still exist today.

The lecture reveals how governments, along with corporations such as Google and Microsoft, are planning to integrate census data, RFID, DNA & biometric harvesting, Smart Meters, satellites, global databases and emerging technologies including biosensor microchips, to usher in a new age movement of accepting individual microchipping.

The presentation also describes how Transhumanism is the end-game for a modern-day eugenics movement, repackaged and rebranded for a new generation, unaware and apathetic to insidious social engineering agendas.

Greg also showcases the unethical but sophisticated marketing strategies being adopted by those pushing the agenda to present microchipping in a favourable light using the young, ill and infirm.

Are we headed toward a society devoid of any privacy, where humans are tracked, modeled, profiled, monetised and controlled in perpetuity?

That’s up to you.

“You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality” ~ Ayn Rand

NB: We have uploaded this video with full permission of the producers.  Please share it with others.  AV5 will be running in spring 2014 – you can buy tickets here.

  1. Very good video. Seems to me that I (we) are surrounded by idiots who already never have or will question any device that’s sold them under the selfish meme of saving money, health and safety or convenience. As long as it’s good for them, that’s all that counts. It’s a step by step process and these less-than-humans are already gone into cyber control ‘cloud 9’ never-never-lands of fantasy.

    Speak from very personal experience.

    Recently, landlord’s contractors showed up to install unecessary wireless smoke detectors/alarms. I refused entry. Upstairs neigbour on hearing dispute then lets them in to install. I had some of the equipment removed from immediately outside my flat but neighbour still has it. Within 2 months one of my cats suddenly developed a huge cyst, biop showed aggressive inoperable tumour which has rapidly spread. Cats adopted me from another neighbour and were already chipped and vaccinated. I believe firmly that wireless tech activated chip and caused cancer. Vet says vaccine site damage and extremely rare. A combination but wireless triggered response.

    Neighbour has water metre/smart metre installed too. There’s just no getting through to these people. They are the majority who don’t know and don’t care. If the public are ‘happy’ in ignorance, there’s little chance IMHO of forcing change through the psychopathic PTB with huge investment in the outcome of a completely robotic ‘switch to kill’ population.

  2. First they came for the others, one ‘other’, then another ‘other’, but I was not yet an ‘other’, so I did nothing.
    And then they came for me.

  3. Take a look at how one DOES take back power by use of common law right of refusal. Read how this is exercised, one person at a time, probably a quarter million so far, in one single province, in BC, Canada.
    Of course the first ‘take away’ from this article is that no one should knowingly, willingly chip themselves, their children or their pets to begin with. Those who do have already become an IMMEDIATE danger to not only themselves but to others they claim to love & everyone all around them. This is the real enemy, conformity. People already have one foot in the technocratic dystopian door once they come to think it is ‘normal’ to turn anyone vulnerable who is in your care into a “thing”, an electronic & trackable thing. Sick.
    Yes, this article can certainly be a frightening read- at least for anyone who is not yet cognitively impaired by microwaves. However, there are many who are defiant & only need to learn how to up end this direction, one at a time, in large numbers. That is the real meaning of resistance. It’s not about whining while doing nothing. Nevertheless, when the utilities said that the smart meter was the foundation of the global grid, there were some who immediately began to hear that first faint knell of the warning bell. A minority realize that it is “smart” cities which are the real mousetrap and experimental lab. Actually, gradualism has transformed entire cities all over the globe into rodent deterrent systems which use frequencies to rid homes of vermin. People are now defined by the ruling class as ‘vermin’.
    Cities are converting into ever so clear deathtraps which cleverly use people’s predictable habits & repeat routines against them. Cities have become electronic fortresses & are well on the way to being virtual prisons, built with the public’s own taxes, while they unwittingly give away hard earned money to fund their own electric chair & execution. In the final analysis, though, this is a technocratic plan of a different minority, intent on control of a vast majority, about 65% of whom are somnambulists who will walk right into the trap, or already have.
    Far more important than the hard fact of virtual imprisonment, however, is this: So far most of this is VOLUNTARY imprisonment. And that means each private man or woman still has a choice to stay out or get the hell out- preferably out of the cities.
    It is those ones, the all too willing people all around you, who endanger you – as well as other unwilling people around you. To continue to live close to others who put you at risk by their sheer obliviousness to invisible weaponized frequencies leading to loss of freedom, disguised as “choice”, is to leave yourself in grave danger, as Germany learned, the hard way, after most of Europe was already one regime.
    It is not just those who forget history who doom themselves to repeat it. It is also those incapable of comprehending history who doom others around them to repeat it with them.
    Yes, it is a given that freedom is always hard won, & that once again we are facing not only the next predictable round of a pack of venal hunting fascistic Nazis who think it gentlemanly to give the fox a head start, but with them comes the concomitant other half, the corollary, the millions of willing prey, the inevitable Nazi saluters, the Hitler youth, or in this case the iPhone zombified automatons living all around any city dweller. That is the real moral & physical hazard we face, the compulsive, unquestioning compliance of others, the threat to freedom from mass selfish narcissism, navel gazers, ignorance, learned helplessness, lack of self sufficiency, stupidity & obsessive compliance with fake authority. Those are the conditions in which things escalate fast, be it to riots & chaos, or to lockstep conformity, to needless fear of any self declared fake authority, or even to witch burning & worse. This part will be a rapid transformation, already be too late by the time that incredibly thin veneer of ‘civilization’ is ripped away once again to reveal that even those who were aware of the imminent threat but did nothing, those who did not act to save themselves or their loved ones, are now surrounded by dangerous brain numbed idiots making passive choices which may drag their fellow beings down into the radiation pit, dragging nature in after them.
    To succumb to that kind of nightmare, all you have to do is NOTHING.
    Defeating technological devices requires a touch of creativity, the ability to think outside the box. Still, it is not all that complicated.
    On the other hand, avoiding cyborg behaviour by zombified neighbours &/or relatives whose brains are already altered, that is & will be the real challenge.
    The hope here is that this article does not simply serve to generate paralyzing fear for the kind of reader who sees “authority” as something outside themselves, something they long ago granted to others & unquestioningly comply with, vote for, salute to, against their own best interests, even their deaths.
    Many on smart meter resistance sites these days seem to prefer to morbidly describe the effects of this kind of smart grid harm, detailing the gruesome outcome, almost as if they are helpless masochists. Some do seem motivated to find effective ways to fight back, neutralize frequencies & to shield themselves from the sheer mind dulled stupidity of others, to physically relocate, to get out of the concentrated effects of radiation blanketed cities, or to find effective ways to stop the chipping from coming for them, to refuse to partake of chip systems. Instead, too many are already glued to and consider as an appendage the very ‘smart” devices that continue to disable them, like magpies attracted to shiny poisonous objects for which birds have no real practical use.
    To stay rooted to the spot while the microwave blanket unfolds is nothing short of suicidal.
    That would be no different than those who stop at the scene of a car accident to see who is dead or how many limbs were chopped off, then proceed to get back in their car, rejoin the other reckless drivers, & speed away.
    What is the point of indulgence in morbid fascination by millions of passive observer? Do nothing & soon enough the fascination ends up replacing the necessity to take necessary action to stop this.
    So, now is when to act, not once it’s too late. Unless & until an open police state is declared, an open war upon the populace is in place, there are still many avenues to refuse. It is simple math. We are many, they are few. But rather than acting in open rebellion en masses, which grants the fictitious authority empowered by followers the excuse they are looking for to bring out frequency weapons for crowd control & resulting mayhem, there is another way.
    It is the path of individual private action.
    Private men & women possess full common law based lawful rights which can be declared by administrative redress, a fancy term for documents to refuse the illegal imposition of bio-invasive technology on those who declare themselves to not be a public entity. In order to be controlled each private man or woman must FIRST grant fictitious ‘authority” by granting their private consent to become a public entity able to be governed and abused. There are hundreds of ways to grant consent to authority, such as silence, implied consent, or wrongful action, particularly statutory action, since corporations have already granted themselves immunity from all liability.
    Trans-humanism may be THEIR agenda. However, the fact is that so far, to date, this is still an undeclared police state, one intended to be achieved by technocratic stealth. The weakness of any technocratic fantasy is this: Chips, devices, transmitters, cameras, can be neutralized & disabled. Electronics, as anyone who owns any knows full well, can be extremely vulnerable to conflicting or overriding frequencies, to magnetic fields, to shielding, to many things.


    RFID Mascot Begins Nationwide Tour To Help Alleviate Children’s Fears Of Implantation

    “Wyoming recently saw several hundred elementary and middle school children being implanted with the new MINI RFID. During their annual physical checkup and vaccination last month, each child additionally received the implant between their pointing finger and thumb.”

    “The rest of the Wyomingites were ecstatic to welcome their town’s children into the fold. Citizens say they’ve never felt better since accepting the Obamacare RFID implant and are proud to be torch carriers for a safer and brighter future.”

    • The site appears to be a hoax site, similar to the Onion. Obamacare does not mandate RFID to our knowledge and we are not aware of any wide-spread chipping of children at this point in time.

      • Sorry if this was proven to be hoax sourced.
        Any suggestions for how one does explain the widespread reality?
        Certainly the book Spychips” by Katherine Albrecht is not a hoax.


    Masonichip Stats

    Did you know?

    That there are more than 113,400 missing children in the United States between the ages of 6 and 11.

    We are pleased to report that since 1990 our member Grand Lodges and their constituent Local Masonic Lodges have:

    Generated over 1.5 Million “Completed ID Packs” of children for parents
    Conducted over 15,000 events in America
    Raised Awareness of Dangers kids face and how to avoid them


    Masonichip International supports MASONIC SAFETY IDENTIFICATION PROGRAMS and the TAKE 25 CAMPAIGN in partnership with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

    Masonic Safety ID Program Events are conducted independently at various differing levels of activity by over (40) Grand Lodges of Masons in North America. Masonichip International, a 501(c)(3) public charity of the Conference of Grand Masters of North America provides a conduit of collaboration, educational opportunities and a go-to resource of “best practices” and lastest developments as espoused by the National Center.

    Our goal is to put the tools and information in the hands of our volunteers in our communities and assist them to cost effectively manage these Masonic public service initiatives 24/7. This collaboration of our member Grand Lodges and subordinate Masonic Lodges with Masonichip International and through us with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has raised public awarness of child exploitation and espouses prevention education in our communities. This is a continual process as the dangers our children continues to hit ever closer to our home in this ever expanding information age, and we need to keep pase to assure that our prevention education evolves as technology advances.

    The TAKE 25 Campaign has handed out over one million pieces of printed safety education to those attending Events each year across America…

    In addition this year, the TAKE 25 Campaign, offeres to send two (2) MONTHLY EMAIL BLASTs to your home computer along with conversation starters to assist adults to pass on the info.

    TAKE 25 E Blast and NETSMARTZ E Blast from National Center and Missing & Exploited Children

    Masonichip and the Masonic Lodges across America have agreed as ambassadors of TAKE 25 to enlist adults to “Take 25 Minutes to Talk to a child about Safety” and help provide them with the tools and techniques to do it effictively.

    • Apologies for any research slip up which conflated a satire of the truth with the reality of the truth of human chipping.


    Multiple Wyoming School Districts Implant RFID Chip Technology In Students Without Parental Consent
    Posted about 1 week ago | 271 comments

    The State Of Wyoming Have Stated Plans To Put The RFID Chip On The State’s License Plates To Show Their Pride

    It had been three long months since I last visited the quiet mining town of Hanna, Wyoming while on task to cover the groundbreaking test launch of the Obamacare RFID chip. I finally decided it was time to catch up with the wonderful citizens of Carbon County and see how they have been doing with their RFID implants.
    Overall public opinion of the RFID seems to be positive among Hanna’s townsfolk. I spoke with Earl Gentry, a retired miner, longtime resident of Hanna, Wyoming and one of the first recipients of the RFID Chip in his community. He told me the following:
    “Heck, I don’t know how I lived without one. I use the RFID Chip at the doctor’s office; I’m able to purchase food and clothing from all my favorite stores. I definitely believe our country would benefit from a federally mandated RFID law.”
    I was pleased to hear about the project’s success which has lead to major advancements in RFID technology. At half the size of its predecessor the latest “MINI RFID” is able to hold over 100GB of data which can be easily updated to include medical records, insurance information, drivers license number as well as criminal history and some outstanding credit debts.
    “I definitely believe our country would benefit from a federally mandated RFID law.”
    Wyoming recently saw several hundred elementary and middle school children being implanted with the new MINI RFID. During their annual physical checkup and vaccination last month, each child additionally received the implant between their pointing finger and thumb.
    Some parents took issue with the school’s approach, claiming the implants were performed without their foreknowledge or consent. Superintendent Gerald Morgan of the Carbon County school district tells National Report that most of these complaints come from families with heavily rooted religious backgrounds.
    Xenophobia and superstitions are a common affliction among rural communities. Many fringe Christian sects believe Obama to be the Anti-Christ and the RFID chip the Mark of the Beast spoke about in their Book of Revelation. During the Second Coming and the arrival of the “Anti-Christ” all of humanity supposedly will be forced to accept the mark or perish. However, any who receive the brand of the Anti-Christ will be punished by the Christian God with eternal damnation.
    The rest of the Wyomingites were ecstatic to welcome their town’s children into the fold. Citizens say they’ve never felt better since accepting the Obamacare RFID implant and are proud to be torch carriers for a safer and brighter future.
    Many Fringe Christian Sects Believe Obama Is The Anti-Christ
    Janice Willowbrook, whose child goes to St. Paul middle school in Rawlins, Wyoming says she’s not bothered by what the schools did. “I don’t mind that they went ahead and had my child implanted. I was going to do it anyway. If anything they saved me a stressful doctors visit.”
    When asked why she thought some of the other parents were upset with the schools actions she told us “Unfortunately we still have some locals who are very old fashioned. They like to buy into all these nutty conspiracy theories and what-not. Believing everything their pastors say or the silly things they read on the internet. I hope that eventually we can all shed our fear of change and accept that this is the responsible thing to do as a country.”
    I bid the peaceful town and its wonderful inhabitants farewell before heading off west into the approaching sunset. I enjoyed my time spent alone behind the wheel on those long stretches of highway illuminated only by car headlights and the occasional billboard. I drove and pondered the progress of the human race and all of the advancements we have made since our evolution from chimps. It left me feeling excited and hopeful for all of the grand new possibilities our future holds.

  7. Are you going to be a microchip transmitter refugee?


    Ubersurveillance & Electronic Apartheid

    “ubersurveillance”: the ability to automatically locate & identify individuals; used as a predictive control mechanism for behaviour & traits.

    “electronic apartheid”:
    a policy of separation, shunning, or a system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of refusal of smart meters & microchipping.

    “Google Latitude” typifies the term.
    Where’s Jimmy? Just Google his bar code.

    Snapfish & employees from Google Inc., Yahoo Inc. & Intel Corp. are front & centre in the global deployment of smart grid compliant microchipped humans. It is YOU who is meant to become a commodified compliant entity.

    Epidermal Electronics – Data Tattoo.m4v
    “The blurring of electronics & biology is really the key point here. All established forms of electronics are hard, rigid. Biology is soft, elastic. It’s two different worlds. This is a way to truly integrate them. The technology can connect you to the physical world & the cyberworld in a very natural way that feels very comfortable. If we want to understand brain function in a natural environment, that’s completely incompatible with EEG studies in a laboratory. Better to make the world our laboratory. The best way to do this is to record neural signals in natural settings, w/ devices that are invisible to the user.”
    University of Illinois reported on August 11, 2011: Engineers have developed a device platform that combines electronic components for sensing, medical diagnostics, communications & human-machine interfaces, all on an ultrathin skin-like patch that mounts directly onto the skin with the ease, flexibility & comfort of a temporary tattoo.
    Led by John A. Rogers, the Lee J. Flory-Founder professor of engineering at the University of Illinois, the researchers described their novel skin-mounted electronics in the Aug. 12 issue of the journal Science. The circuit bends, wrinkles & stretches w/ the mechanical properties of skin. The researchers demonstrated their concept through a diverse array of electronic components mounted on a thin, rubbery substrate, including sensors, LEDs, transistors, radio frequency capacitors, wireless antennas, & conductive coils and solar cells for power.
    Test it on animals first, demonstrate viability of RFIDs smart grid compliant devices to monitor each & every animal’s movements from birth to death…then move on to people.
    People tags are far more profitable, the margin between cents to produce and dollars to sell is huge. While RFID chips attached to animals once sold for about $1.50 each, but have since declined to under $1, people RFIDs sell for upwards of $25.
    Businesses may compel RFID microchip implantation. Silverman says: “We are leaders in the RFID industry in facing privacy issues head on. “The smart chip for people “should always be a voluntary product, w/ opt-in & opt-out capability.”
    Sound familiar? Same pitch used to do an end run around forced smart meters with which the chips are compliant. You become the commodified entity, a tracked appliance in your own home & everywhere you go. It’s important to remember that adoption of RFID chips doesn’t necessarily need to be legislated to become universal. It only requires enough hospitals & insurance companies to make them mandatory, to treat chipped patients more expeditiously than nonusers, to provide discount incentives for chip usage, & they will become the norm.
    Chip apartheid might be akin to not having a cashless credit card,no bank ATM card, or for toll roads & turnpikes, no transponder to pay tolls in your vehicle.
    RFID chips have massive memory & store a unique digit number. Hitachi used semiconductor miniaturization technology & electron beams to write data on chip substrates to achieve the new, smaller size. Hitachi’s mu-chips were already in production back in 2007.
    RFID ‘powder,’ on the other hand, is incorporated into thin paper – paper currency & gift certificates.
    In 1998 novel Distraction, author Bruce Sterling describes bugged money:
    “They always played poker with European cash. There was American cash around, flimsy plastic stuff, but most people wouldn’t take American cash anymore. It was hard to take American cash seriously when it was no longer convertible outside U.S. borders. Besides, all the bigger bills were bugged.”
    Early stories relate how much easier tracking humans would be with tinier chips: RFID Sensor Tag Shower for geo-engineered disasters (gentle rain of RFID), RFID-Maki: Easy payment sushi (just tag the sushi directly, then scan customer’s stomach). VeriChip Chairman proposed RFID Chips to hunt immigrants (just dust the border).

    As early as 1997 Verichip already knew full well that microchips caused cancer. VeriChip microchip implants cause fast-growing, malignant tumors in lab animals.
    PositiveID microchip implants induced cancer in laboratory animals & dogs for decades. Long-time VeriChip opponent Dr. Katherine Albrecht, co-author of “Spychips”, expressed concern for those who have received a chip implant, urging them to get these smart grid devices removed as soon as possible. “Why would anyone take the risk of having a cancer chip in their arm?”
    Why indeed.
    What kind of person wants a smart grid cancer device on their home, radiating all their neighbours for miles?
    For decades, mice & rats injected with glass-encapsulated RFID transponders developed malignant, fast-growing, lethal cancers in up to 1% to 10% of cases. Tumors originate in tissue surrounding microchips & often grow to completely surround the transmitting devices. Others ignore pet owners whose pets die from transmitter chip-induced tumours. Medical studies have proven the causal link between transmitter microchip implants & cancer in many other animals. The studies ‘somehow’ escaped public notice.
    A four-month AP 2007 investigation turned up additional documents. Several had been published before VeriChip’s parent company, Applied Digital Solutions, sought (bought?) FDA approval to market human implantation. VeriChip received FDA approval in 2004 under the watch of then Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson who later joined the VeriChip company’s board. Under FDA policy, it was VeriChip’s responsibility to inform the FDA of adverse studies. VeriChip CEO Scott Silverman claimed unawareness of the research. Albrecht doubted that VeriChip, whose primary business is microchip implants, would be unaware of relevant studies in so much published literature. For Verichip CEOs to not know about this research would be negligent. For them to know about these studies & keep them quiet crossed the line. Albrecht. “Had the FDA known about the cancer link, they might never have approved this company’s product.”
    The highly-publicized, mandatory switch from analog to digital television was mainly done to free up analog bandwidth frequencies to make room for scanners used to read implantable RFID microchips & track people & products GLOBALLY. Media was then inundated with news reports advising compliance, urging people to hurry & obtain expensive passports, “enhanced driver’s licenses,” passport cards & other transmitter “chipped” or otherwise trackable identification devices they are forced to own. However, this digital television/RFID connection was hidden, according to Canadian Patrick Redmond who held a variety of jobs at IBM before retiring, including working in IBM’s Toronto lab from 1992 to 2007, then in sales support. He has given talks, written a book & produced a DVD on aggressive, growing use of passive, semi-passive & active RFID chips (Radio Frequency Identification Devices) implantation that become one’s personal belongings. These RFID chips, smaller than the tip of a sharp pencil, also are embedded in all new U.S. passports, most medical cards, credit & debit cards. Enter the smart gird, the co-ordination system for all those chipped items, including YOU.
    The Pitch:
    “It’s a simple concept, really: You inject a miniature radio frequency identifier smaller than a grain of rice between your thumb & forefinger &, with a wave of your hand, unlock doors, turn on lights, start your car or pay for your drinks at an ultrachic nightspot.”


    IBM oversaw & ran the concentration camp computer programs which tattooed serial numbers on the inner forearm arms of slave labour camp victims who were worked to death.
    Quote: “Our world is becoming instrumented,” IBM’s chairman & CEO, Samuel J. Palmisano said at an industry conference in 2007. “Today, there are nearly a billion transistors per human, each one costing one ten-millionth of a cent. There are 30 billion radio RFID tags produced globally.”
    American Civil Liberties Union: “We are concerned about implantation of identity chips,” – Jay Stanley, senior policy analyst for the speech, privacy & technology program.“Many people find the idea creepy.”
    “RFID tags make the perfect tracking device. The prospect of RFID chips carried by all in identity papers means that any individual’s presence at a given location can be detected or recorded simply through the installation of an invisible RFID reader.”
    In the coming cashless society you will neither be able to buy or sell anything unless you are chipped. VeriChip (CHIP), the company that markets a microchip implant that links to your online health records, acquired Steel Vault (SVUL), a credit monitoring & anti-identity theft company. The combined company operates under a new name: PositiveID.
    Convince them they are consumers, not tagged animals. Otherwise they may not actually want to be implanted w/ chips, have health records n line, have medical records linked to their credit scores. The all-stock transaction leaves PositiveID in charge of a burgeoning empire of identity, health & microchip implant businesses.
    Why are humans content to be tagged as human animals with embedded smart grid compliant devices to permanently track the human animal it in its “natural” technocratic urban or even rural habitat?
    It’s a deception to speak of a balance between freedom, security & justice in the RFID human chipping scenario. Just as with the smart meter, as someone else has the potential to control the implant device, you have no freedom or choice.
    Like smart meters, chip implants cause damage to the human body, fusing with tissue & causing further damage when removed.
    Being metered & chipped is a life sentence to upgrades, virus protection mechanisms, & inescapable intrusion
    You may reject the idea of a microchip implant, but your iPhone addicted children & grandchildren won’t.
    Katrina Michael/ Towards a State of Uberveillance, said subdermal chip implants in humans could be commonplace within two to three generations.
    2010 – India LauncheD Project to ID 1.2 Billion People…assigning a unique 12-digit number to each of its 1.2 billion people. The project collects fingerprint & iris scans collected from all “residents” are stored in a massive central database of unique IDs. The PROGRAM is considered the most technologically & logistically complex national identification effort ever attempted. To pull it off, India recruited tech gurus of Indian origin from around the world, including the co-founder of online photo service Snapfish & employees from Google Inc., Yahoo Inc. & Intel Corp.