Insurance Firms Refusing To Cover Mobile Phone Health Claims – Begin Forecasting Brain Tumour Costs Between 2020-2030

Wendy Mesley reports about how many insurance companies are not covering cell phone manufacturers and wireless carriers – 60% refuse to insure purveyors against future health damage suits. Dr. Devra Davis interviewed.

What do big insurance firms know that most wireless device users do not?  Why are you not being told about these risks?

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  1. The reason being they know they are dangerous , people in America are already taking mobile corperations to court, we will be next when the truth comes out, they say 10 yrs, seems its all money that is all they care about they are racking it in, people would go without food but they must put credit on there phones, I call it madness

  2. I remember when cell phones first came out there was talk of them causing brain damage. But, the people ignored it and the companies discredited it.