Interview with Dr Samuel Milham on Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) and Dirty Electricity

This is an excerpt from an interview with epidemiologist Dr Samuel Milham, the full version of which is available free of charge for the next 48 hours as part of the EMFSummit.

Dr. Milham is the author of “Dirty Electricity”, a book which lays out the link to the rise in electrification with the rise in chronic diseases.

In the full length interview, which is available here, you will hear:

  • Dr Milham’s advice for pregnant women on EMFs
  • What caused the mortality rate to increase 50 – 80%
  • How to test for Dirty Electricity without a meter
  • Why you should avoid hybrid or electric vehicles
  • The problem with solar and wind power
  • How to stop the disaster of ever-increasing EMR exposure
  • What health challenges teachers face
  • and more.

At 80 yrs of age, Dr Milham continues to devote his time and energy to educate, and clean up the environments of those most in need.

Often his warnings to the government and industry fall on deaf ears.  If we listen now, educate ourselves and others, we can make a difference.

You can book your free place on the EMF Summit, here

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  1. Dr. Milham is right! A phone mast was switched on (14 metres from from doors!!!) in Sept. 2001! Symptoms began immediately. I heard about the victims suffering in spring 2001, and went to see what on earth a mast could be causing! I have a chart of the effects up to the date it was deactivated in 23.03.2013 – ALL symptoms ceased immediately! I have a chart of the history – if it will fit here I will post it – or better, – attache it if there is an email available. The emissions are microwaves, and it is the pulse modulated aspect of the emissions which affect our cells’ communications’ system because that operates at a similar pulsation. Wherever cells are affected, each one forms a protective membrane, and is no longer able to communicate with other cells, but continues to develop alone. This is why cancerous growths develop – clumps of cells which are separated from their fellows!
    Gillian Lyden. REF: Dr. Neil Cherry; EMR Reduces Melatonin in Animals and People.