Is a 300% increase in Crohn’s disease the result of our escalating exposure to wireless technologies?


The Independent – Crohn’s disease hospital admissions surge by 300%, but is the rise due to RF/MW radiation exposure increases?

Stop Smart Meters! (UK) – London, UK – 26 June 2014
Guest Post:  by Dr Andrew Goldsworthy

You may have seen recent reports of a 300% increase in Crohn’s disease, such as this article in the Independent:

Possible explanations for the rising trend include the use of antibiotics and the availability of junk food; but corresponding evidence for these contentions are thin and do not correlate well to the time-scale of ten years.

What fits better, in fact, is our increased exposure to RF/microwaves emissions, such as those from mobile phones and WiFi, which have increased dramatically over the last ten years. The likely mechanisms for harm are electromagnetically-induced inflammation, as experts such as Professor Olle Johnasson of Sweden’s Karolinska Institute have pointed out on many occasions.

Electromagnetic frequencies in the RF/MW wavelength also increase the permeability of the blood/gut barrier (similar to the blood brain barrier which is also opened by weak electromagnetic fields) which allow foreign materials from the gut and partially-digested food to enter the bloodstream which can trigger the generation of antibodies and an autoimmune response.

As an example of this, according to Arrieta et al.(2006) Gut 55 1512-1520, alterations in the permeability of the gut barrier have been linked to several autoimmune diseases, including Crohns disease, celiac disease, multiple sclerosis, irritable bowel syndrome and type-1 diabetes.

It’s interesting that no one in the media seems to want to mention our increasingly dangerous, electromagnetic environment as being a likely cause of so much ill health.  These are some of many reasons for needing to remove WiFi and Smart Meters from schools – and everywhere else for that matter.

Dr Andrew Goldsworthy
Lecturer in Biology (retired)
Imperial College London

Image credit: Nature

As with the blood/brain barrier, the blood/gut barrier can be compromised by RF/MW radiation, allowing foreign materials and toxins to enter the gut.  Image credit: Nature

  1. As usual Mr. Goldsworthy is right on. I’ve read nearly every study he’s published or contributed to, and the research is always excellent. At the close of this article: “It’s interesting that no one in the media seems to want to mention our increasingly dangerous, electromagnetic environment as being a likely cause of so much ill health. These are some of many reasons for needing to remove WiFi and Smart Meters from schools – and everywhere else for that matter.”

    Obviously the media is 100% owned and operated by the usual clueless assess, so it only stands to reason that no mention is ever made of their lovely electromagnetic extermination programs. Your cellular tower and electronic smart toy junk represent the largest man made extermination program in mankinds history. Read all about it in the UN Agenda 21 population figures.

    When your entire civilization is dying of starvation, and all your children and grandchildren have become mentally impaired and steril, it will be a bit too late for further studies…

  2. As someone diagnosed with Crohn’s disease — a horrible inflammatory disease that western medicine is baffled by — I can attest to the fact that microwaves are a strong cause of inflammation in my intestines. I first found out about Crohn’s after an emergency operation in 2001 which removed part of my upper intestine (a common location for ‘marbled’ intestinal walls). Prior to that I had sat on the top floor of a building at Bournemouth University that had phone transmitter masts on it (now it is smothered with them). The radiation levels were so high the colour on my computer monitor (cabled then) were like a kaleidoscope. The cabled phone just crackled. I was there for 2 or more years. Now, at a different university, Brighton, if I am in the office 2 days in a row, I get severe inflammation to the point where I just have to leave the building for a day and work in a wireless free area. Now I do agree that poor diet is a factor also, plus excessive use of drugs and even the drugs used to treat Crohns probably help sustain it. But I have no doubt microwave radiation is a significant factor. Add microwaved food — which is going to cause you cancer if you cook like this everyday — poor quality food and drugs then you have a recipe for Crohns and all the other IBS problems we are seeing.

  3. I am sure that EMFs can cause inflammation, but I would like to point out that certain foods are very strongly associated with IBD. These foods are cereal grains, by which I mean the seeds of grasses which have been cultivated and vastly overused as forms of food for thousands of years, but which in evolutionary terms are still novel to our physiology. I include in this category not only those grains that contain classically described glutens, i.e. wheat, rye, barley and oats, but also those in the supposedly ‘gluten-free’ category such as corn/maize, rice, ‘gluten-free oats’, sorghum, teff and millet, as well as the non-grass seeds or ‘pseudo-grains’ such as quinoa, buckwheat and chia. When patients with Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis, as well as those with coeliac disease and irritable bowel syndrome are taken off all these foods, as well as sugars and other carbohydrate heavy foods such as potatoes, they invariably regain much if not all their health again. So I urge all those with gut disorders of any description, including acid reflux to go entirely grain free, sugar free and potato free, and keep other carbs low too, such as fruit, for a minimum of two months as a trial, and watch what happens. In most cases improvements will be felt within days, and complete recovery could occur over two months. If improvements do occur keep on with the new diet, don’t rock the boat as the risk is that the gut will revert to its disease state rapidly. Here is a very recent paper that flags up this very subject:, and it is not the only one. Lots of research is afoot re gluten and all sorts of diseases as it is very strongly in the frame for a great many serious conditions, not only those of the gut.

    • wait , fruits are bad for people with digestion problems too? but fruits are awesome :c …..

  4. according to this 1 presentation from some scientist or technician (i’ve watched a lot so i don’t remember which was for what) showed a graph depicting a direct coloration between the increase in carcinogenic diseases and emf exposure over the past century or so , and it wasn’t good……

  5. Sudden heart attack in Canadian children due to wi-fi exposures.

    Please take the time to view this gentleman’s entire presentation, including the subsequent dissociation and general laxity of the panel response.

    This video represents a perfect example of cognitive disconnect by persons in “authority”. There is something seriously flawed with a plutocratic system that (within minutes) disregards the deaths of two children, negates the suffering and concern of parents, and infers that it’s perfectly reasonable to force pre-adolescent children into involuntary desecration of their own health. Flawed safety standard? Or flawed critical thinking skills?

    Dissociation and Dissociation disorder

    Keep in mind that this particular panel discussion is not an isolated case. These same “debates” are taking place in every developed country in the world. Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 is largely based on FCC guidelines which were standardized and implemented in 1996. Over 850 million persons world wide have reported deleterious health effects caused by digital telecommunications emissions, and this figure only represents “reported cases”.

    So let’s disregard all direct public testimony. Let’s negate all suffering and loss of life. Let’s continue to pander to industries that force destructive technologies upon the public. Let’s ignore the consequences until consequences dictate a situation waxed beyond human control…

    In my opinion, installation of wi-fi MESH networks in schools is clearly an extermination program via government agency, and is aimed specifically at young children and faculty. How long will it be before children and parents are made aware of these involuntary dangers? These systems are clearly an assault with a deadly weapon. Is it not true that cardiac death experienced by children is an important issue to address?

    The vague, dissociated, and obviously unconcerned response’s generated within the panel are quite telling. This is a complete “failure to communicate” – even at a rudimentary level. Again, I ask: Is it not true that cardiac death experienced by children is an important issue to address?

    Rodney Palmer – Safety Code 6 – Presentation to the Royal Society of Canada

    • good hearing , wasn’t aware of any of these specifics going on here in canada yet , looks like i got another channel’s content to ingests , pretty fucking crazy that kids are literally dropping dead and nobody’s doing fucking shit about anything…..