Is this evidence that British Gas is highly concerned about ‘Smart’ Meter dangers?

*For the latest on this story, see here: Smart Meter rebellion currently underway at British Gas.*

Earlier this evening we were reviewing (privately) the Signatories to our Notice of Non-Consent for Smart Meter Installation/Notice of Liability, when something unexpected struck us.

See if you can spot it. (We have blanked out other signatories in the interests of privacy).

Is this a change of heart for the Smart Meter programme?  Do your shareholders know about this?


This has caused some genuine head scratching at Stop Smart Meters! (UK) (non-corporate) headquarters.  Particularly as it was only a few days ago that we posted a story about PG&E being fined $390,000 for trying to infiltrate US-based anti-Smart Meter groups.

Why is British Gas’s Smart Metering team apparently serving Notice of Non-Consent for Smart Meter Installation/Notice of Liability to all parties listed on our page?  Is this an HR-driven initiative seeking to limit employee damage from powerful, electromagnetic radiation pulses?  Perhaps they’ve realised that employers need to minimise employee exposure to Class 2b carcinogens where possible?  Or is privacy the main concern?  Or maybe they’ve taken on board GCHQ’s warnings about Smart Meter security?

Or are they just being nosy, and a little bit creepy?

What our latest Signatory may not have realised is that this “Notice” is actually a legal document.  It serves Notice, formally, that Smart Meters are forbidden from being installed at the Signatory’s property.  It details, clearly, in 34 points, some of the reasons why no-one in their right mind would want a Smart Meter.  The Notice also provides a means for the Signatory to take action against any parties listed in the Notice if their decisions in relation to Smart Meter promotion result in loss or harm to the Signatory.  Why would British Gas’s Smart Metering team want to do that?  And what does it mean to the programme if British Gas itself is seeking to minimise its exposure to Smart Meters?

We don’t know.  Maybe they could tell us?

*Update to this story here:*

  1. This is brilliant – are British Gas really signing a petition against itself? Can we have this splashed across the media – everyone needs to know this.
    Well spotted!

  2. Are you sure the British Gas opt-out is genuinely from British Gas?

    • Evidence suggests so.

  3. I suspect it may be because BG don’t own or install the SMs they contract that out an just supply the Gas. That way they have indemnified themselves by expressing concerns.

  4. well it does make sense. None of the managers of Facebook, Google and all the other companies in Silicon Valley want themselves or their off-spring irradiated which is why they all send their children to Rudolf Steiner schools, where mobile phones, computers and any wi-fi gadgets are banned.

    The same elite who sign the contracts blasting the rest of us always ensure that their homes, workplaces and children’s schools are free of microwave radiation.

    It is only logical that the top brass of British Gas will not allow themselves to be nuked with these smart meters, and therefore they would have to be fully in agreement with any attempts by individuals/groups to protect themselves.

    The only embarrassment for them is that someone pressed the button so that the public is now aware of this old policy of protect the health of the rich, protect the profits from a lucrative industry, and let the poor be exposed to the the gin, lead, asbestos, cigarette smoke, mobile phone radiation and now smart meter radiation.

  5. I went to my local press who got in touch with Bristish Gas, after I had complained of headaches, fatigue and nausea to them. They immediately responded by getting the smart meter removed from my house and they sent a carbon monoxide meter just to make sure. May be they know more than we do.

  6. It could be from a BG employee wishing to make a stand against them.