We now have three leaflets to arm your town and communities with some Smart Meter facts.  Please help us put some much needed heat on Big Energy by printing them out and handing them around your neighbourhood.

Flyer 1 – The “Show Stopper” – this is best printed in black & white on single sheets of A4 paper.  You can then get four (4) flyers from a single page. To download, right-click <HERE> and select “save as” to download PDF for printing”

Leaflet 1 (“The Show Stopper”).  Great for: windscreens, shop windows, letterboxes on a budget, hand-outs… etc.


Flyer 2 – The “Need to Know” – this is best printed in colour on single sheets of A4 or A5 paper.  To download, right click <HERE> and select “save as” to download PDF for printing

Leaflet 2 (The “Need to Know”).  Great for: supermarket noticeboards, letterboxes, sports club/gym notice boards… etc.


Our leaflet – the “Big Fat Energy Lie Buster”.  It’s a fairly lengthy read for a leaflet but it bring to light many of the hidden aspects of Smart Meters that Big Energy would rather not discuss.  To download, right click <HERE> and select “save as” to download PDF for printing (both sides included in this link)

Leaflet “The Big Fat Energy Lie Buster”. Great for: anyone with more than a 60 second attention span… (Front)

Leaflet (Back)

The Big Fat Energy Lie Buster is our most comprehensive leaflet, but not necessarily right for all purposes.  We recommend downloading and printing out Flyers 1 and/or 2 for yourselves, but if you want the Leaflet, we suggest you order a batch of high quality, full colour, 130gsm quality A4 copies directly from our fantastic printing partner, Aura Print.

Aura Print will transact with you directly and drop-ship leaflets to you via a quick call to them on 01484 429 300.  We have secured a heavily discounted price on batches of 250 leaflets of just £27 including handling, delivery & VAT.  This is payable directly to Aura Print when you ring them; we are not involved in the transaction, but have made a commitment to honour the purchase of any leaflets which are left over once the Government decides to abandon it’s plan for these cancer causing surveillance devices.  This has allowed us to achieve a great price for a really high quality product.

Alternatively, you can ask us to send you our “Street Action Pack”: 15 leaflets sent to you for free to give out to your neighbours and friends – just email us via the contact form above with your NAME AND ADDRESS so we know where to send them.

If you would like to help us out with a contribution for our costs, we are now able to accept Paypal donations via the button below – if you chose to support our efforts in this way, we will include a pack of leaflets and two stickers for you to say thank you.