MUST WATCH: Smart Meters Health & Privacy Explained – Prof. Glen Chase

In this interview, Professor Glen Chase brings to light some absolutely KEY information in the areas of privacy and health regarding ‘Smart’ Meters, using primary data including information obtained under a court order.  Prof. Chase interprets and makes this information highly accessible.

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Call notes here

via Smart Meters Public Meeting: Health & privacy facts explained – YouTube

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  1. Now I know the power these meters run. 1115 millwatts or 1.115 Watts or thereabouts. As a radio ham (but not a microwave operator as such) I suspect this is rather a lot of power for microwave comunication. An old microwave manual warns ‘When working with substantial amounts of power at microwave frequencies, do not stand in front of the antenna- the strong RF field can be harmful, and body tissue heating will occur’. It does not exactly say, but mention is made in the chapter of 1 Watt and 10 Watts.