Network – Your Life, Monetised

Network from Michael Rigley on Vimeo.

Extract: “The average user will have 736 pieces of personal information collected every day…accessible anytime in their service provider’s retention period.  Most individuals will have over a million pieces of information spanning the past 45 months already in their provider’s possession.  A third-party, owning nearly four years of your life… Those in the network pay to be unknowing participants in a vast study group…Your four years of information is extracted and sold without consent, contributing to the nearly $34,000 accumulated every second by the information sector.”

On the subject of the intrusive, behaviour-based profiling and targeting this data-harvesting activity drives, where services are pre-emptively limited in scope without your permission, the narrator chillingly concludes:

“The global internet becomes the personal internet – and information ceases to be information at all.”

Smart Meters and Home Area Network-sourced data would add significantly to this marketers’ panopticon.