New meters might not be a smart move for consumers | The Sunday Times

CONSUMERS are being warned that smart meters may not save them money and could increase their energy bills.

As part of a government-backed initiative, the big energy companies will spend £11bn installing 50m meters — which provide real-time rather than estimated information on how much energy is being used — in 26m homes over the next five years. This equates to £220 per meter.

When questioned by the Commons public accounts committee this month, government officials admitted that this cost would largely be passed on to consumers through a levy on bills.

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  1. If I refuse to have a smart meter,do I not get £220 added on my bill?

  2. I have told this to people before! In the USA – Smart meters INCREASED the price of electricity (something to do with attached Wi-Fi slowing them down!)- they also caused severe damage to peoples’ health. No-One needs Wi-Fi – it is useless, and damages us physically -as do All aspects of MICROWAVES! Microwaves function on a similar wavelength to human cells. The cells sense the microwaves and protect themselves by forming an impermeable membrane around themselves – thus cutting them off from essential communication with other cells – but still able to develop in their own. The cells are then developing on their own – which is why people are likely to get cancer in association with mobile phone emissions etc. Gillian Lyden