Pyramids of Waste: The Untold Story of Planned Obsolescence

This superb documentary by Cosima Dannoritzer illustrates how many of the problems we face today are manufactured to line the pockets of corporations and keep us locked in a state of perpetual consumerism.   The makers have presented prima facie evidence of how product failure is purposefully “designed-in” to products, consuming vast amounts of resources and energy which, we are told, are now in short supply.   And what is the solution to this manufactured problem?

A ‘Smart’ Meter.  To reduce YOUR energy usage.  How do you like those apples?

If you ever wondered where the term “They don’t make ’em like they used to” came from, here’s your answer.

If you haven’t done so already, please consider adding your voice to our Don’t Smart Meter Me! campaign.

  1. There are wired meters, which would be safer, look at america, haven’t we learnt anything. time to wake up, all a big con.

    • Hi Hilary,

      You’re right, there are wired alternatives available, I believe Italy is using them. We don’t feel these represent an acceptable compromise, however, given they don’t address the privacy, safety, security, loss of sovereignty and higher bills issues.

  2. Smart meters generate and enable frequencies which are already illegal.
    The law is not a matter of opinion. Neither is electrical induction, which is what electromagnetic radiation precipitates whenever it is induced into human or ANY biological bio-electrical circuitry.
    People become involuntary conductors, coupled into the entire smart grid. Smart meter headaches are caused by the forcible opening of the blood brain barrier which then allows all manner of toxins to enter the brain.
    Microwave sickness is nearly 100 years old. It’s not news.
    Smart meters and all components of the smart grid violate contract law, building code laws (vibration), electrical code laws (harmonics & corrosion), electrical real time measurement laws, private property laws, ownership laws, medical rights law, health rights law, constitutional law and international laws regarding informed consent.
    Microwaves were designed by the military as ultra low frequencies used as weapons of mass destruction. Utility and telecom applications are using these same frequencies for “smart” rationing tools where the eventual cost per kilowatt has no limits but the number anyone will be permitted to use will become more and more restricted, all done while pathologically ignoring indisputable military medical facts.
    Utility corporations are literally banking on you failing to realize your plethora of legal rights including the right to maintain the provision of electricity as an essential service.
    These artificial weaponized frequencies were developed to do harm, lethal harm.
    Anyone who thinks microwaves can cook dead flesh – but not their own live flesh – is deluded.
    All that is up for discussion is how slow or fast electrical failure is induced in all thing biological. Google The Moscow Signal.
    The science has been confirmed for certain ever since the Russians microwaved the US Embassy in Moscow from 1953 until 1976.
    Virtaully everyone got cancer.
    Then again in 1988, the Soviet Union resumed bombarding the U.S. Embassy in Moscow with low-intensity beams of microwave radiation.

    “Microwave signals in the 5-11 GHz {gigahertz} range continue to be detected at the Moscow Embassy chancery,” from a statement issued by its Bureau of Diplomatic Security.

    The statement marked the department’s first status report on the still-unexplained radiation problem since Nov. 10, 1983, when then-Ambassador Arthur A. Hartman told reporters in Moscow that a microwave beam in operation between July 14 and Oct. 19, 1983, had been protested to the Soviet Foreign Ministry
    The smart grid is no different at all. It is a microwave blanket designed to eliminate all dead signal zones, thereby created millions of dead biological zones. Navigational creatures lose their way, and sicken and die.
    Each smart meter blankets 21 sq. miles in seamless microwaves.
    Each Medusa cell relay meter on one in every 22 homes (in North America) microwaves 125 sq. miles.
    Each router/collector hub blankets up to 300 sq. miles. in microwaves.
    Each microwave blanket “coverage” field drastically overlaps every other “smart” field.
    Microwave sickness is also called neurasthenia.
    These are illegal slow motion microwave radiation killing fields.
    No Safety Code anywhere in the “civilized” (?) “developed” world is written so as to permit anyone to irreversibly harm people for profit.
    Everyone’s taxes are being used to build their own gallows.
    What’s it going to take, people?
    Anyone with backbone defends their rights.
    Use your rights or lose your rights.
    Send the utility a NOTCE OF CONTRACTUAL DEFAULT. They are using your unshielded home wiring as a data mining corporate network management business location.
    Unless you have been foolish enough to expressly permit such a violation as this, you get to REFUSE, using CONTRACTUAL laws already on the books.
    Just do it.
    This is not a matter of “individual choice”.
    To say yes is to allow pathological corporations to microwave not only yourself and your family but your whole community.
    Say NO

    • Hello Mia Nony: I found your comments quite accurate and straight to the point. Much of the early military research information you mention is available for downloading at the Dr. Magda Havas web site. Dr. Havas was able to locate and interview Mr. Zorry Glazer who was employed by the US Naval Research Institute in the early 70’s. At the close of her interview, Dr. Havas was able to secure about 7000 early military documents detailing EM emissions damage to human beings. The evidence dates as far back as 1933. Other readers should really give the Magda Havas web site over. Also the “Just Prove It” website has very interesting EM commentary and assets.

      I can see from your comments, you are very well educated regarding this subject. Thanks for posting.

  3. Brilliant and well put I sincerely hope since you penned this article that millions of people have done something about it, alas I already know that most folk in the world have done nothing and wait for their saviour to come do something a saviour that has been placed into the minds of the childlike human/sheep compliant brainwashing us into believing in external dirty deeds done dirt cheap . We are adults and we are the saviour and if otherwise we are not then the Corporations will do their best to make us all part of the planned obsolescence something that the Corporate dead entity has no qualms about and why should it it is not a human with a conscience!

  4. What a load of misinformed twaddle. Made up “facts” and nonsense statistics.

    • Please be specific – what exactly do you believe to be misinformed, made-up and nonsensical?