Research firm turns customer ‘Smart’ Meter data into energy ‘credit-score’

[SSM UK]  Once in place, ‘Smart’ Meters will be able to do a LOT more than we currently give them (energy) credit for.  Also see here. [/]

A New York research firm that turns massive amounts of data into streamlined information, CUBRC (pronounced “coo-brick”) invested $1.2 million in seed finance, and established a strategic partnership with GridGlo – a smart grid technology startup from Delray Beach, Florida, the companies revealed today.

GridGlo sells software and services that help utilities see how and why their customers, primarily homeowners, are using electricity in real-time. They also provide utilities with an Energy People Scoring Mechanism, or EPM score that the company hopes will become a standard like the FICO score is to credit card issuers and other financial institutions.

The chief executive of GridGlo, Isais Sudit, explained:

“Several companies doing great things to move the market forward, here. At GridGlo, we’re using a deeper level of analytics, though, and handling a greater amount of data – 1,300 criteria to start – than any other companies in the energy space. Also, we focus strictly on helping the utilities. We don’t have a consumer-facing app or product. It is our aim to help the utilities offer what works best for their business, and their market to the energy consumer.

Our technology can tell a utility if their customers are married, have kids, living in a 5,000 square foot home, if and when they installed solar panels, if they drive a hybrid electric vehicle, if they had the same job for the last ten years, haven’t moved in that time and more. You put those components together and you begin to build an understanding of how this is all related to energy consumption.”

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