Revelatory new film exposing surveillance & control (2013)

[A message from the Take Back Your Power Producer/Director, Josh del Sol.]

Some early comments following the film’s online debut yesterday:

“The TBYP film is EXCELLENT. Five stars!

“I waited for months with trepidation… and oh my gosh, the film IS spectactular!” -Jen C

“Just watched it – must see” -Elizabeth

“This is a MUCH NEED TO WATCH…” -Jeff W

“Amazing Movie, Must See!” -Alexandra

“yes, it is a’ must see’” -Hilu

A massive thank you to everyone who has contributed to this project already.

DVDs are now available and are shipping early next week. The $4.99 streaming price counts as a discount toward your DVD purchase, if you order after viewing online. Wholesale boxes are also available. These funds help us continue our work.

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“I don’t know the future.
I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end.
I came here to tell you how it’s going to begin.”
~ Neo

Josh Del Sol – Producer/Director

  1. Excellent Informative Film thanks for putting your time and humanity into this, we all have souls some know this I`m afraid globalism and the corporate agenda don`t yet know this but they will pay for there lack of empathy whether its in this life or the next. Thanks again.

  2. Thankyou John, the cheesy advert from British Gas is full of lies and propaganda. The woman talks down to us and it makes my skin crawl when I hear of how the “smart” meters will affect our health, the health and fertility of future generations and our freedom and privacy! It disgusts me that British Gas (aka Blatant Gobshite) is heralding these horrendous things over here. Thankyou for all the work you are doing in the States and you’re right – the world is waking up but not before time. Many best wishes from a friend in Britain.

  3. The new world order will pay for their crimes against humanity.
    Well made film, just watched the stream and ordered the DVD