Secrets of 27m mobile phones offered to police ~ Sunday Times

[Note how the deal was immediately “shelved” as soon as the Sunday Times’ light was shone on it.  Data captured about the behaviour & habits of you and your family at home via a ‘Smart’ Meter would also be a very highly-prized asset – unless, of course, you exercise your lawful right to refuse one. [/]

The data of 27m mobile phone users has been offered for sale to the Metropolitan police, private companies and other bodies, enabling them to track users’ movements.

Ipsos Mori, one of Britain’s biggest research firms, has been caught offering text and call records for sale.

The company has claimed in meetings that every movement by users can be tracked to within 100 metres. This weekend the Met, which has been in talks with Ipsos Mori about paying for some of the controversial data, shelved any deal after being contacted by The Sunday Times.

Documents to promote the data reveal that it includes “gender, age, postcode, websites visited, time of day text is sent [and] location of customer when call is made”.

They state that people’s mobile phone use and location can be tracked in real time with records of movements, calls and texts also available for the previous six months.

via Secrets of 27m mobile phones offered to police | The Sunday Times.

*Update – Ipsos MORI’s response here.

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  1. look up Tempest “they” have done this(emr pc screen scraping) 4 years. Led and lcd are now the norm. If that were any threat why would “they” be so intent on promoting it. Every em device including the physical body is apotential transmitter. Why? Because everything has a signature a unique frequency -thats what our creator 2 avoid all this? Without mutual trust NONE of us will ever live in peace and harmony(also a frequency)