Single Mother Hospitalized Twice By Smart Meter Has Power Cut-Off And Faces Prosecution (Video)

On Monday 24th March 2014 at 10am, two inspectors from Energy Safe Victoria arrived at the home of a lady named Sofia Telemzouguer, a resident of Frankston in Victoria, Australia, to investigate what they claimed to be an illegal removal of a Smart Meter which had been fitted against her express wishes.

Ms Telemzougner, a single mother of one teenage daughter, had previously experienced months of ill-health due to the Smart Meter’s constant microwave emissions.  The Smart Meter had been installed on her property, without her knowledge, during a time when she was away from her home and despite signs posted on her energy supply enclosure revoking consent for installation.

Despite this staggering and unlawful act of underhandedness – which led to Ms Telemzougner’s health being so badly affected that she was hospitalised on two occasions – ESV is intending to prosecute whoever removed the meter.

Ms Telemzougner has been without power in her home for six weeks since her energy company, United Energy, broke the Australian Energy Distribution Code and disconnected all power to her home without warning.

Ms Telemzougner’s local councillor, Cr Glenn Aitken, was with her during the stand-off with ESV’s reps to point out that a line in the sand has been crossed by a Big Energy apparatus that puts profits before people’s rights and well-being:

In this country, people have a right to be defended… not downtrodden, bullied and coerced.  In this country, the basic principles are upholding people’s rights and protecting their health and reasonable amenity.  That has been destroyed here… it has been destroyed – and everybody, at every level who is in any way connected with that train of events will be held to account.

Councillors like Glenn Aitken are a rare breed today, but outfits like United Energy and Energy Safe Victoria seem to be as common as muck, becoming the de facto standard as energy and water firms try to bluff, bully and barge their profit-boosting Smart Meters into people’s homes.

We will remind our readers that NO ONE can force you to have a Smart Meter.  When an entire industry – spanning every major industrialised nation on the planet – has to turn to force, fraud and coercion to get its way, the jig is up.  Smart Meters are nothing more than a harmful scam that puts our health, privacy and wallets at risk.  And Big Energy knows it.

If you would like to lend your support to Sofia, her Facebook page is: and email : smartm.campaign[at]

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