Sir Veilmenot Visits Wimbledon (photos)

A new battlefront in the hearts and minds of Joe Public was opened Saturday as Stop Smart Meters! spent a few hours talking with the people of SW19.  Thanks to just a small-knit, local team who invited our mascot (Sir VeilMeNot) to the home of tennis for the day, our Wimbledon campaign flashmob of four handed out countless stickers and leaflets in an effective attempt to treat a significant Smart Meter blind spot.

In speaking to hundreds of people, we found that not a single person knew anything of substance about Smart Meters; quite clearly, the interests and figures who should be making people aware of what these technologies do are failing (or succeeding?) on an epic scale.  This sadly came as no surprise to us, however, as this lack of awareness is reflected all over the country.

All-in-all, though, it was a great day of community action and we loved talking to the people of Wimbledon who stopped by to chat and admire our mascot’s regalia.  One Mum said he was “more interesting than Santa” as she visited us, under threat of tantrum, for a second time with her little one.  If nothing else, Sir Veilmenot struck a chord with the movers and shakers of tomorrow… but judging by how well our info was received, we left thinking that it’s far from game, set and match for the Smart Meter pushers.

If you would like us to help bridge the knowledge chasm in public awareness about this programme, email us on the address below and our knight will do his best to support community activity in your town.

The word is getting OUT!



  1. I can’t sign the petition- it isn’t working for me. is it because being in the UK I can’t put anything in the box for State?

    • Hi Janet – sorry about that. Are all of the fields blank when you start entering text? Your being in the UK is fine – this is aimed at UK people and you just need to add your county where it says State.

      I would try to hit F5 on your computer, which should flush the page cache, and if that doesn’t work, download our template letter at the bottom of our page to complete and send to your own energy provider – and anyone else you deem appropriate, e.g. your MP.

      Thanks for your support!