Smart Meter Battery Failure Leaves Home Without Gas

From today’s Daily Mail’s Letter’s page (28th March 2016) – “NONE-TOO-SMART METERS”

“I had a neighbour who was without gas for a few days because his smart meter battery failed.  With my new smart meters only 6 months old, I recently decided to switch gas & electricity suppliers, but all the energy providers I contacted said they wouldn’t be able to use my meters as smart meters, they could use them only in the “dumb” mode.  One company said they would probably replace both.  Now I’ve switched, E.On confirmed that my new provider can’t use the maters in smart mode.  Some questions need to be answered if the 2016-20  £11billion roll-out will be successful.  What type of smart meter should I have installed so all companies could use them? Why should it be necessary to shut off the gas supply when the meter battery fails?

Was I under oblgation to pay for any gas used during the 3-months when my meter wasn’t recording?

By: Steve Reed, Tamworth, Staffs.”

To answer Steve’s penultimate question, Smart Meters have been designed to fail supplies to “off” in the event of their failure.   This is one of many bad decisions to accompany this reckless and ill-conceived programme.