‘Smart’ Meter Commercial – courtesy of Nevada Constitutional Alliance (NOT Big Energy…)

via Smart Meter Commercial – YouTube.

  1. Some people are going to make a heap of money in the manufacturing,distribution and installing of smart meters,There is more chance of me winning the lottery than looking at a smart meter to see what each appliance is consuming in energy.
    Maybe we should all go back to boiling water and cooking on open fires and washing clothes by hand and heating by an open fire in the centre of the room as they did centuries ago.
    No need for smart meters then.

    • There’s evidence pointing to you not being alone, George. But the talk, and vision, is of the energy companies being able to dial down your appliances for you – taking your choice out of the equation.

      Your suggestion at the end might seem extreme at first glance, but it seems pretty “sustainable”! One problem with that kind of idea in practice, though, is that’s too time-consuming – especially when we are spending more and more of our time working, trying to pay-off higher energy bills.

  2. Becoming energy independent and going off the grid is looking better all the time. Now we have other options besides the expensive solar panels and wind turbines! http://www.keshefoundation.org/en/applications/energy/power-generators

    • Greater independence is definitely a good thing. Thanks for sharing those interesting looking links, Bonita.