‘Smart’ Meter Fires Provoke Mass Removal of 175,000 Units in Canada and US

In Saskatchewan, Canada, the government has ordered 105,000 smart meters be replaced with non-transmitting older meters because of several fires started by smart meters.  “The concerns are significant enough that we believe that any time that families are at risk here in Saskatchewan, actions have to be taken. That’s why we’ve directed SaskPower accordingly.” Provincial minister Bill Boyd said.

In addition 70,000 smart meters with an automatic shut off will be replaced in Portland Oregon because of fires.  Both of these companies are removing Sensus smart meters.

In California Pacific Gas and Electric deployed GE, and Landis and Gyr smart meters.  Whistleblower Pat Wrigley tells a CPUC judge that these smart meters cause fires.  Pacific Gas and Electric will not admit it, even though there is evidence that smart meters are exploding and catching on fire.

Thanks to: http://emfsafetynetwork.org/fires-prompt-removal-of-175000-smart-meters-in-canada-and-oregon/

  1. this site has some more details on the canadian side of this story


    so far the meter recall only seems to be happening in the province of saskatchuan , which is good that it’s happening but that doesn’t help me a whole lot not living in that province , don’t know what that province does to make it’s smart meters special enough to have a spontaneous combustion risk that the other provinces don’t do however , hopefully that little bit of logic will be realized by the authorities soon and then get to recalling all the smart meters , i hate having to reply on said authority to do what it’s paid by the people to do and would just get rid of any smart meter i see my self , but if i saved the future of this planet by doing that i would be locked in a cage…….

  2. Not to worry. The smart meter fires are only a smoke screen (Pardon the pun) and the civil petitions are just a diversion… .

    The money for funding these programs is already in the pockets of those who swindled you and your leaders into swallowing the bait. The number of smart meters removed is only a fraction of those yet to be installed. Your cellular communications towers and wi-fi networks are killing you already. Perhaps you folks will find this person interesting.

    Vicky Davis on the NWO Agenda 21 eugenics program as related to EM emissions.


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