‘Smart’ Meters & Surveillance – What Are Your Rights Worth?

Firstly, we have been inundated with requests for stickers over the last few days.  Thank you to everyone who has asked and huge thanks to those who have kindly made a donation.

There is without doubt a burgeoning backlash building against these insidious Smart Meters and the local activism we are hearing about in communities across the country is truly encouraging.  The natural antidote to odious, centralised planning is compassionate, decentralised action – so if you haven’t already done so, be a friend to your neighbours by reaching out to them with an SSM leaflet and Do Not Install sticker.  You never know, they may well thank you for it when they hear about their friends’ energy bills skyrocketing.

Because of the volume of requests we have received, we kindly ask for your patience as we endeavour to get all of the stickers (and leaflets) sent out over the coming weeks.  If you haven’t yet requested one but would like to, use the Contact Us form here – please remember to include your NAME and your ADDRESS.  Again, delivery might take a while but you will get one.  If you don’t receive it by the end of the month, please email us.

Secondly, the final teaser for Take Back Your Power is here!   This groundbreaking documentary launches online right here just 24 hours from now and lays bare the ‘Smart’ Meter and Smart Grid agendas.  We hope you will consider securing your own copy/live stream of the film – not only will you gain a comprehensive insight into all of the key issues surrounding Smart Meters, but you will also be rewarding the makers of this fine project for their efforts and encouraging them to make more high-quality media projects like it in the future.

Secure your advance-order copy now at http://www.StopSmartMeters.org.uk/film

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  1. As I understand it, the greatest threat from smart meters and the grid they form alongside hidden WiFi points, is from “passive radar” as in the kind developed by Roke. It’s clearly not just about collecting electricity data. It’s about control and surveillance. This grid can and will be used for “passive radar” surveillance. We can all be viewed through walls using this system and we can all be irradiated with microwaves from this system. We can be irradiated deliberately too as is possible with the secret Government Celldar surveillance “passive radar” system that utilizes the mobile mast network. Celldar can lock onto any individual using their biometrics and follow them anywhere there is a signal. This is truly terrifying Big Brother technology which is in effect a weaponized grid. As if the constant pulsing irradiation emitting from smart meters wasn’t enough to worry about. It all sounds very Sci-Fi I know but clearly it is not and all is confirmed by whistle blower Barrie Trower, former Government agent.

    Sadly it seems this is all part of a Human Control Plan of monstrous proportions. It simply must be resisted and must be stopped. This requires the truth being out there to the masses and for it to be believed and proven to all. Then knowledge will truly be a power for good and that power will free the people. It is the only chance and the only way to stop this electronic monster and break free from these demented control freaks trying to drag us all to hell. Keep up the good work!