Smart Meters to be Voluntary

[SSM UK] Comment:   Whilst we welcome the good news that we will no longer be forced to have Smart Meters installed in our own homes, the programme continues at a pace.  The fact that we can now officially say “no” to installations on our own property with the Government’s permission does not mean that our neighbours, family, friends, place of work and other Smart Meter targets will be alert enough to do so.  In many cases, refusing a smart meter installation could be of little consequence if eight of our neighbours inadvertently consent to having one installed because they are not aware of their dangers.  The same applies for one’s place of work, school, college, local shops or anywhere else that co-existence with a smart meter is unavoidable for a period of time.

We continue to call for this programme to be STOPPED.

Read the Telegraph story here: Smart meters for energy to be voluntary – Telegraph.