Spray-on nanotechnology particles to turn trees into antennas

In spite of it being only the 18th day of 2013, there is a fair chance that this will qualify as the most gut-wrenching story we post this year.

A company in the USA has developed nanotechnology capable of being ‘sprayed’ around our natural habitat to turn trees and other flora into communications nodes on the ‘Smart Grid’.  It uses arrays of thousands upon thousands of nano-capacitors which, being nanoscopic in size, can be applied to anything you can spray a tiny amount of paint onto.

And make no mistake – the technology is real and already has buyers:

I want to show you a few examples of what we’ve done with our technology – these are actual pictures from different events we’ve worked on and different projects we’ve worked on with some of our government customers… So this is a tree antenna we painted on.  Within five minutes, we had this connected and transmitting VHF to an airplane 14 miles overhead – double the range we could get from a standard antenna on the ground.

He continues:

This is a very interesting slide and a very important slide.  This is a 1mw RFID tag.  You can see our material applied to the edges of it.  The people at this event could only get this RFID tag to transmit 5 feet.  We were able to make that go from 5 to 700 feet.

That’s a 140 fold increase in radio range.  He goes on:

What we’re talking about is a…whole paradigm change in antenna technology and what we’d like to think about is ways we can enable wireless connectivity anywhere.  We’re also talking about being able to gather energy out of the atmosphere with this material.  Can you imagine having cell sites painted on the walls that power themselves?

It’s one thing to poorly disguise mobile phone antennas as trees.  But to actually turn trees into antennas?  For a better signal?

Where we go from here is up to you…

  1. @7min 26 secs
    Aircraft being able to read RFID tags!! How long before we are all tracked??

  2. This is sick, as if we did not have enough electronic pollution, now our natural areas will probably have it. Do these companies actually understand what this RFID technology is all about and how it can affect us as humans? Seems not, or is it a case of they do not care about our health and well-being.

    • I was thinking the same thing – this is sick. And that dumb fuck is talking like he’s doing humanity a favor. Do these cretins ever consider what these technologies will do to the flora and fauna (not to mention us humans)? Apparently not. Making money is all that counts – like wtf. Anyone out there have a ‘wake-up’ pill that increases one’s conscious awareness?

  3. The insects, bees and birds are becoming extinct because of this radiation. To further pollute and contaminate nature is indeed sick – psychopathic even. The corporate personality is psychopathic and here is the proof.

    Trees are already dying – it seems we are hellbent on our own destruction. The only way to stop this madness is to keep campaigning to show these idiots – boys and their toys – that their technology has crossed the line.

  4. This is appalling. How could anyone ever consider this. There is so much radiation already and now the very idea of spraying trees and plants. Our birds insects and bees are already being compromised and dying because of this technology. It seems some people really are trying to destroy all life. Maybe they would like to be sprayed with the stuff!!!

  5. These psychotic lunatics have got to be stopped. Are they going to chemspray these particles over everything without our knowledge or permission, and what effect will the EMF have on the environment, our health and wildlife?
    Population control in both senses of the word.

    • we are all tracked already. Crops are diminishing. But that is what they want: killing us.

  6. The question is: how could anyone do this, want to do this?
    Greed comes to mind~ government control comes to mind~
    And if you think it’s no already being done, well, think again.
    Anytime a new technology is announced you have to know it’s already been in use by the bastards in control, and in use for many years already.
    An example is the subject of drones. Many think this is something that may come in the future.
    Our skies have been full of drones for many years.
    visit this to learn;

  7. Classic case of a socially challenged “scientist” who’s finding it
    hard to make the moral connections which help him engage with his
    environment, or in other words; he’s forgotten who people are! Hence if it works and the “government” want it then that’s just fine.

    He comes across as a left brained, lopsided person who uses the word “collateral” to describe the burnt out remains of a baby in a busted bunker after it’s been hit by a ” advanced explosive deployment devise”

    Would you kindly go away, take a humble pill and gain a 3rd perspective….you are not a well man, really, I am being kind, SEE YOURSELF!