Earlier today we posted a story about some odd shenanigans occurring within our Notice-serving engine at

Within just two hours, coincidentally, our website experienced the biggest denial of service attack we have ever had to endure.  Fortunately, our hosting provider deployed a team of expert engineers to counter the attack and has just succeeded in seeing off the forces of darkness.  For now.

Whilst we also recently experienced first-hand what it’s like to have your free-speech wings clipped – courtesy of Twitter – this was the first time our website has been completely knocked offline.  Our homepage was returning database errors and other pages were unavailable.  Confirming our suspicions of foul-play, our host summarised the situation:

Chat ID: 618425. Question: – My Domain is: “” Slow performance/hack attack?
(10:31:46am)BA.:This is something that our admins are aware of and working to get resolved. Unfortunately at this time I do not have time estimate, but I assure you that they’re working on it and it will be resolved as soon as possible. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.
(10:32:12am)G:Do you think it’s an attack or just a glitch?
(10:33:14am)BA.:its an attack, the admins are fighting it now

Our Facebook page also seemed to have been compromised for a short while but services both there and here now appear to be back to normal.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused to our visitors.  This kind of attack is easily pulled off from any corner of the planet and underlines just how bone-headed the current plan to web-enable our energy supply is.  Losing a website is one thing – how about losing your electricity, gas or water supply?  Remember, Smart Meters can remotely disconnect your services – and if your utility provider can do it, someone else with the right know-how can do it, too.

Please help us to continue raising awareness.  Our twitter feed at will serve as back-up should an attack of this nature happen again.

  1. You must really have them worried now. Don’t the Press need to be informed about this attack on libertyand free speech? They have been going on about it since Leveson.

  2. What an own goal by the micromanagement obsessives. They’ve just demonstrated yet again the folly of effectively making one’s energy supply a node on the Internet and exposing it to similar hacking attacks.