SSM! (UK) to appear in front of Commons Select Committee TOMORROW, 10am – BBC Democracy Live – PLEASE TUNE IN!

Following our submission in February to the Commons Energy & Climate Change Select Committee’s review of the planned Smart Meter roll-out, two representatives from Stop Smart Meters!(UK) have been invited to give evidence in person at the Palace of Westminster tomorrow.  We are pleased to be given this opportunity to state our case and respond to questions from a panel of MP’s about our reasons for opposing the UK’s planned Smart Meter roll-out.

We are scheduled to appear at 10am sharp (23 April 2013) – at the same time as representatives from Public Health England (formerly the Health Protection Agency) and BEPAG (the IET’s Biological Effects Policy Advisory Group).

Select Committees are broadcast live on the BBC Democracy Live website, and may also be shown on the BBC’s Parliamentary channel on TV

Please wish us luck and tell all of your friends and families to tune in!

  1. Well done SSM. Hope it goes well tomorrow. It’s good to know that someone is able to put forward at least some of the evidence against the menace that is smart meters. I can only hope that the Committee listens carefully!

  2. Best of luck, guys. Give them both barrels!

  3. Good luck, and thanks.
    If you can please broadcast it on this site for those who can’t tune in tomorrow.

    • Click the BBC Democracy live link above Stephanie – not sure if it will be recorded, but you can watch live online.

  4. Best of luck you guys, will pray all goes well, god bless!

  5. Good luck. All your hard work is bearing fruits.

  6. The very best of luck! Somebody has got to start listening to us.

  7. Best of luck today, guys. You worked so hard for this. Well done.

  8. Well done guys, I hope they have no choice but to listen to your comments, give ’em hell.


    Should work for those who were unable to watch live.

    Excellent BTW.

  10. Keep your heads guys, if you’ve seen Select Committees before there is often a lot of shout-y bullying that goes on, I often think its cos they don’t know their subject that well … don’t let them unnerve you – stick to the facts, stick to your guns! good luck x

  11. Thanks for the link Neil. I watched it from start to finish.
    And from my heart thank you SSM for your courage and hard work today. You were both fantastic.

  12. Thanks to all of you for your positive wishes, it was very much appreciated and we hope we didn’t disappoint! 🙂

    • I watched the recording today and you were both very proffesional, composed at to the point, even when challenging on the biography bit, well done, and well done for asking him for some consistancy in his questioning,the silver spoon so and so, a few tensions in that room, at times you could have cut it with a Knife. Audrey and Allen had plenty to say in respects to how much of a complicated process this is,,so hopefully a few chocks in the blocks there enablimg more time to make even more people aware of the not so Smart meter program.

      Tony Taylor and Hans Kristiansen had a pretty good presence on the T.V screen although cannot agree with there so called innovations etc. Sean Wier uhmmm i didn,t take to this character one bit….”I love my monitoring equipment when eating dinner i can see my kids have left the lights on and i can grill them to turn them off.. What are his kids burning? metal halides or som ts.of course the floodlights on the tennis court, maybe the astro turffed pitch, maybe the floodlight golf course… Us commoners were all educated to burn 11 watt eco (Mercury DUST) filled bulbs. These things probably take more juice turning on than actually to run ??? (within reason of course ).
      AND and,, Mr Sean Wier did tend to move the goal posts around a bit 98% 99%. !% OF THE POPULATION IS ALOT OF PEOPLE lets say 560,000 people divided by four =140.000. I wouldn,t want him doing my accounts,
      “Sean Wier. 2.4ghz is the best frequency to penetrate walls etc” Hans Kristiansen dissagrees….
      Sean Wier.. i agree, 2.4ghz is not the best frequency, we are testing 868.
      Talk about elastic…
      At times i thought i was watching a sketch from Harry and Paul.

      Any way all the best, i will keep spreading the word, despite people thinking me mildly mad, its time to wake a few more knumbskulls…

      • LOL! 🙂 (and thank you!)

      • Not disapointed in the least. You were both professional and articulate, and I felt for you and liked the way you fielded and drew attention to the bullying ‘consistency’ comments. My heart went out to you both for your courage and determination.