With our post yesterday revealing the depths to which Big Energy will stoop to get their cancer-causing spyware in place, we have ordered a bumper-load of super-sticky, permanent stickers for anyone who would like one.

Measuring 12.5cm square, you can affix them to the wall/fascia of your current analogue meter(s).  We suggest taking a photograph of them (timestamped – maybe with a copy of a newspaper from the same day) to act as further proof – should it be required – that you have formally terminated any implied rights your energy/utility supplier thinks it has to install harmful technologies in your home.  Should the company or its agents somehow lie their way past an oblivious house guest or kick the backdoor down themselves, your sticker will act as a final warning that  their orders do not apply in your home.

Want some?  Please contact us with your name and address so we know where to post them to – if the link is down, subscribers can reply to one of our posts with “stickers” in the subject header.

If you would like to help us out with a contribution for our costs, we are now able to accept Paypal donations via the button below – if you chose to support our efforts in this way, we will include a pack of leaflets for you as well to say thank you.

Want to take matters a step further?  Subscriber Tony Brown’s Anti-Smart Meter Box is worth a look.  Materials/tools required: wood, screws, rawl-plugs, L-brackets, inside door catches, hasp+staple, padlock, hammer, chisel, pencil, tape measure, sand paper.  Nice work, Tony!  Please note: if you want to go down the same route as Tony, you may need to be brush up on any regulations regarding access to emergency cut-off valves, etc.


  1. Great idea!!

  2. Surround the inside with aluminium foil and anti-static mat, bond to earth. As long as the meter is totally surrounded no RF should get out.
    DON’T surround the actual meter as this may cause safety problems.

  3. Just a little mention…
    But be VERY careful surrounding your metering equipment in this way.
    Your energy supplier or service provider has perfectly reasonable rights to access any of their equipment to carry out safety checks and so on.

    There is no legal way for anyone to force install a smart meter. Placing stickers on or encasing it in this way will be taken with a dim view. If you feel you need to go to this extent with an electric meter, then I would suggest lining the inside with intumescent (fireproof) board.
    I’m not out to cause trouble here, my work is based around fire prevention and training. Just be careful people….