Thames Water confirms that you can have your own (Non-Smart) Water Meter installed

We received the following email from a supporter whose details we have redacted.

As well as detailing requirements should you chose to have your own meter installed, it reflects the fact that Thames Water has no right to force you to have a ‘Smart’ Water Meter – something which Ofwat and Dan Rogerson of DEFRA have also previously confirmed.


From: William Mcnally <>
Date: 27 October 2014 10:27:19 GMT
Subject: Meter specification details

Dear [redacted]

As discussed ,

If the customer fits their own meter.We will only adopt meter which are made by the following manufacturers:

·         Elster
·         Actaris / Itron
·         Sensus

·         Meter  installations shall produce a neat, tidy, unobtrusive fitting and where possible the use of capillary fittings should be utilised.
·         All  plumbing shall accord with good plumbing practice, comply with the Water Regulations BS6701 and with TW drawings / specification.
·         All  fittings shall comply with the appropriate British Standards and be approved for use by WRAS.
·         There must be no obstruction preventing the meter being read.
·         The distance from the floor to the meter must not be less than 300mm.
·         Meters must not be fitted upside down or facing downwards.
·         If  the  meter  is  to  be fitted in a cupboard it must be fitted within 300mm of the door.
·         A  stop  valve  must  be  installed  both  upstream  and downstream at a distance not exceeding 500mm from the meter.
·         A  drain valve to BS 2879 must be positioned immediately downstream of a meter this can be a combined stop valve/drain valve.
·         An  earth-bonding  strap in compliance with BS7671 must be fitted to all installations  except  where the service pipe is MDPE, UPVC, HDPE or any plastic pipe.
·         A  minimum  clearance  of 150mm above or below the meter is required for horizontal  installations, for vertical installations a minimum distance of 150mm is required to one side, to allow access for maintenance.
·         Meters shall be positioned so that any potential leakage from the meter or other fittings, shall not affect electrical apparatus, e.g. consumer units, electricity meters, etc.
·         All  new  meter installations and pipe-work must be adequately supported with either “Munsen” rings or clips, which prevent vibration.
·         Meters  must  not  be  fitted  within  500mm  of a WC, a urinal stall or immediately behind a WC pan.

After the meter fit, Thames Water will need to complete a bylaw inspection to check the fitting. There is a fee of £72.00 for this.

Kind Regards

William Mcnally
[Thames Water]