Thunderbolts of the Gods & The Electric Universe – Are We Living Amongst Inexhaustible Energy Supplies?

The theory that we live in an “Electric Universe”, where inexhaustible amounts of energy exist within the very space around us, has been put forward by scientific luminaries for more than 150 years – James Maxwell, Nicola Tesla, Irving Langmuir, Kristian Birkeland, Hannes Alfven et al.  And now, finally, their insights, calculations and theories have been compiled, synthesized and refined by their modern day contemporaries to be presented this weekend at “ELECTRIC UNIVERSE 2013: The Tipping Point“.

Billed as a breakthrough conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, it features a host of renowned speakers (see for more info).  Whilst it may seem, at first glance, to be a little fantastic in terms of established theory, some mainstream publications are starting to move towards corroborating some of the Electric Universe proponents’ recent and directly observable claims – as shown by this article from Wired Magazine.

So for a limited time only, we are pleased to present the full version of Thunderbolts of the Gods, which introduces the Electric Universe concept and provides a very different view of what helps to fundamentally shape the world around us and beyond.

And if you are wondering what this has to do with Smart Meters, we need not offer any more than the following quote from banking family head J.P.Morgan who remarked upon reviewing one of Tesla’s clean energy proposals:

“If anyone can draw on the power, where do we put the meter?”  J.P. Morgan

The following interview with David Talbott from on Red Ice is also recent and well worth listening to.

We commend the Thunderbolts project, especially for their scholarship programme which gives university and college students the chance to take part in their conferences; providing inspiration right where we need it the most. and

Hat-tip to Brian Thiesen at for the video.