UK Smart Meter Rollout Delays Are Costly – DECC Report

Technical, logistical and public communication issues have resulted in costly delays in the UK’s smart meter rollout.

In December last year, we published a guest article written by Nick Hunn who expressed his aggravation at the constant delays surrounding the UK smart meter rollout. [Engerati-UK Smart Meters Delayed. Again] Now, the House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee has released a report which shows that the delays are starting to cost the country dearly.

Smart meter delays costing consumers

Smart meters were meant to save the UK about £17.1 billion for a rollout cost of £10.9 billion and put an end to estimated bills, but according to the Committee the smart meter programme is in danger of becoming a costly mistake due to a number of technical, logistical and public communication issues which have resulted in delays.

Smart meters that would have enabled consumers to view their own energy consumption in real-time will not be delivered on time on current form, thereby depriving households of a cheap and easy way of cutting their energy bills.

The Committee is particularly concerned that a major piece of the programme’s infrastructure, the Data and Communications Company (DCC), is currently behind schedule and MPs are saying that smart meters may only cut 2% from people’s electricity bills.

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