What is the Smart Grid?

A short, informative video from Stop Smart Meters Tasmania.

What is the smart grid? from Alex Donnelly on Vimeo.

  1. It would “seem” this video reflects awareness regarding the illegal and criminal nature of the smart meter program. Yet the author fails to understand the implications as related to effective citizen actions. It is obvious the smart grid – along with cellular tower systems, wi-fi MESH networks, and nearly all forms of modern communications devices, are designed as killing machines. This is a planned snuff job. It could not be any more clear.

    It was time to quit talking about the “smart” issue over four years ago. These corporate entities and their staff members should have been put on notice that implementations of these devices would be met with massive civil disobedience and total physical destruction of the political and organizational infrastructures that have been hijacked by corporate and political interests.

    Relying on your “governments” to take action is so servile and so disgustingly incompetent, it beggars belief. Your governments are corrupt > Period <. Asking government to intervene on your behalf has about as much impact as the riots and demonstrations Japanese civilians have had regarding the Fukushima radiation exposures. Tens of thousands of Japanese citizens have turned out to protest TEPCO's responses to the disaster, yet the Japanese government has brutally suppressed them and blocked out media coverage of these significant events. Why? Who are the persons who hold power in the Japanese government. These persons are the enemy, and they need to be overthrown with force.

    It is time to stop talking, and time to drag these ghouls and staff from their homes and slaughter them. As long as the empty talk continues, you and your planet are in peril. People are dying from these RF exposures. Your true and obvious situation involves extended implementations of the United Nations Agenda 21 extermination programs. These "smart" programs are intended to eliminate 6.5 billion humans from existence. At least have the courage to read the full text of the Agenda 21 document. You are being systematically exterminated as you talk on and on about what it means. Wake up or die in your homes of your own self induced stupor.

    • Another perspective: “The most dangerous revolutions are not those which tear everything down, and cause the streets to run with blood, but those which leave everything standing, while cunningly emptying it of any significance.”
      ~ Kierkegaard.

  2. I’m not sure what you’re driving at with your comment. Revolutions that destroy office buildings and burn up a bunch of car tires are at best infantile. It’s the electromagnetic communications infrastructures themselves that need to be scraped, and the persons who own those properties and financial holdings need to be removed from our social paradigm forever. This is simply a matter of removing them from power and confiscating their financial holdings and properties. This can be done legally, or it can be done at gunpoint. It’s up to them to make the choice, and it always has been.

    Citizens have paid into these extortionists systems for loge enough, and payback is coming. Citizens should directly hold these infrastructures as public property controlled by municipal agencies, and localized zones of service need to become highly independent. The United Nations and NATO allies confiscate lands and privileges all the time in countries like Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Turkey, Cypress, and Spain. Name any country, and it’s manipulated by criminal banking cartels.

    Let’s just face it: Our corporate/capitalist system is a moral cesspool, and we fund it with our slavery to a false set of choices. As long as persons allow this corrupting system to remain in place there will be no planetary future worth living.

  3. Oh, right. It’s just that your earlier call to “drag these ghouls and staff from their homes and slaughter them” suggested you were advocating slightly more violent action…

    • The violence aspect will be largely determined by our corporate mercenary armies known as FEMA, NSA. CIA, FBI, The Department of Homeland Security ect. These “authoritative” persons and staff live somewhere, and they are not supernatural. They wake up in the morning with bad breath and a bladder full of pee, just like everyone else.

      The office buildings these thieves have morbidly erected to support their own egos, need to be converted to private housing apartments, private schools, privately owned administrative buildings, municipality owned – citizen staffed buildings, and constructive business’ that provide necessary opportunities for free and sovereign citizens.

      I’ve read about 8 thousand years worth of human history and anthropology. War and conquest has cost our specie the ruin of many treasures that will never be recovered. To bomb a building or burn up a car, suggests the revolutionary is so retarded as to think the building or car committed the crimes against him. It is OUR corporate paradigm that has created the current unfolding of human events. WE can change this faulty paradigm by ridding our selves of all false economic solutions. This includes false choices such as capitalism and communism. Both isms are corporate/capitalist extortion programs wearing different masks to the same masquerade party. It is time for the ball to be ended…

      Earth mother is bleeding from every office, yet we pander as OUR corporate ghouls order more air strikes and more Naval maneuvers in countries wherein we don’t even wish to live. How much empty mother rape can we finance?

      There are functional fractures in our social logic which need to be burned away and disposed of. To be precise: Earth needs a permanent corporate exorcism…

    • it’s them that are violent. these ‘smart metres’ are a form of violence in themselves. i certainly continue to advocate self defence….it’s not the victims that wd be going pre-emptive there!