WiFi in Schools

Around the world an increasing number of governments and authorities have banned or warned against the use of WiFi in schools. Many experts, scientists and doctors are warning that a precautionary approach needs to be taken.

In this informative video, WiFi In Schools Australia examine the facts.  Sadly, the picture with regards to standards in the UK is even more bleak, giving some schools and colleges the green light to put tablets and other wireless devices into the laps of unsuspecting children and wireless routers in every classroom.

If you have children who are in school, there are organisations and activist groups who can help you tackle the issue of WiFi.  They include the Safe Schools Information Technology Alliance, WiredChild and Parents Against WiFi In Schools, among others.

  1. This is an excellent video and makes a number of good points. There is not enough awareness of the problems encountered by some sensitive people who when exposed to Wifi and other electronic devices – more research is definitely needed, since if a handful of sensitive people have a reaction we can be sure it is affecting everyone in more subtle or insidious ways which will only emerge in years to come.

  2. Excellent, and should be compulsory watching for all polititions in all those countries which are ignoring the warnings. I have written to several of our ministers in the UK and all have hidden behind the official standards which are outdated, and obsolete, as described in the videos. They showd no concern at all. Can I get these videos to them?

    • Hi Wendy,

      Two ways of getting them to them would be to 1) email them the links to the videos directly (click on the title inside the video as it’s playing) or 2) download the videos and put them onto a DVD.

      http://www.KeepVid.com allows you to download YouTube videos.

  3. Please stop WiFi everywhere, my daughter has ES and it is getting very hard for her to go anywhere as she feels it outside, have purchased special paint and fabric to shield house and got rid of mercury light bulbs, she wears a special headdress and has made trousers and long sleeve top made from special fabic to wear under her clothers but she gets laughed at and comments like bzzz for bees. She wants a life to go to work maybe meet someone but this will never happen while there is this smog everywhere. I pray everyday that it will stop feel it has gone as far as it can go

  4. Hi Hilary, you may be aware that there are two support groups for help with Electro sensitivities:
    and mcs-aware.org

    In particular I run MCS-Aware and would be interested in hearing you childs’s experiences as we are in the process of compiling information for schools about accomodating pupils with environmental illness.