Wireless Radiation – See It Measured

This helpful video shows audible wireless radiation emissions from a wireless router and compares them to levels known to cause negative effects.  Similar pulses would be heard from mobile/Smart phones, cordless DECT phones, wireless laptops/tablets/keyboards/mouse/trackpads, Bluetooth headsets/devices, wireless baby monitors, wireless games consoles and, of course, ‘Smart’ Meters.

A copy of the BioInitiative Report 2012, referenced in the clip, is available here: http://stopsmartmeters.org.uk/bioinitiative-2012-report-issues-new-warnings-on-wireless-radiation-and-emf/

  1. Absolutely brilliant! Makes it all very clear and simple. Thanks Stop Smart Meters!

  2. Thank you for showing this. I have already stopped running my PC and modem in wireless mode 2 years ago.My main worry now is the Smart Meters about to be foisted on us by service suppliers who don’t seem to recognise the dangers of RF interference with our bodies.