£200 smart meters every household must pay for but may not work | Mail Online

[No mention of health or privacy impacts but a very good article from today’s Mail Online.  Bear in mind that, whilst Sir Bob is keeping quiet about how much he has been paid to trumpet reckless, environmentally-devastating and decidedly non-green ‘Smart’ Meters, his fee will have come from the staggering £100mn budget that has been sequestered for advertising these Scam Meters to the public.]

  • Minister and Bob Geldof to launch £11bn scheme to make us all use ‘green’ meters… which other EU nations rejected
  • Project will be launched this week despite fears they will not work and they pose a security risk to power supplies
  • Energy companies will begin the mass installation of smart meters next year and expense will be passed on to customers

A Government plan to put ‘smart meters’ into every British home – costing households £200 each – will be launched this week despite fears they will not work and that they pose a security risk to power supplies.

The £11 billion project, introduced to meet EU green targets, is supposed to cut down energy consumption and reduce bills.

But official reports seen by The Mail on Sunday reveal that: trials show consumers with smart meters save far less energy than predicted; five countries considering such a plan have decided it would cost more money than it saves; the meters do not work in a third of British homes, including high-rise flats, basements and those in rural areas: hackers and cyber-terrorists could break into the system causing chaos in the national grid, or carry out large-scale fraud by fiddling bills.

Energy companies will begin the mass installation of smart meters next year at a cost of at least £200 per home, and have admitted the expense will be passed on to customers.

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  1. In America, ‘Smart’ meters drastically raised the price of electricity, and the accompanying free-ranging Wi-Fi caused many health problems – especially heart attacks and blood-clotting in people’s legs. Wi-Fi and all the non-thermal aspects of the pulse-modulated microwave emissions from mobile phone technology cause many aspects of health problems – look up Dr. Neil Cherry (EMR Reduces Melatonin in Animals and People’. Melatonin should put us to sleep, and without it we cannot sleep, and the first symptoms of effects from phone emissions is insomnia! Do not have an active mobile phone in your bedroom at night – and use it as little as possible. Look Up Barrie Trower too – he is an expert on microwaves, and can tell you all you NEED to know about protecting yourself and children from emissions. Tell your childrens’ schools to switch off the Wi-Fi -it is NOT essential and the internet is available without it. Its’ only use is for remote control of us by government agencies and the police!!” Gillian Lyden

  2. Smart Meters are completely unnecessary; will cost the Earth and will RAISE the price of electricity as they did in America! With free ranging Wi-Fi government agencies; the police 0h! – and people who want to steal from us – will be able to watch us in our homes. Refuse them, as people did in America when they found out the problems.

    Gillian Lyden

  3. No problemo. Buy a good solid sledge hammer at your local hardware. Learn how to swing it without hurting yourselves. One well placed blow and the smart meter isn’t so smart after all. A good well placed blow on Mr. Geldof’s head would most likely convince others that he wasn’t very smart either…

    I really can’t figure out why you people keep cowering about this crap. Are you so used to cowering before stuffed plastic suits that you’ve actually started beliving the game? These are actors. The suit and phoney title is not the sign of some almighty god. Hello?

    Jokers like Mr.Geldof (and all the rest) are little more than actors on a stage you paid big money to errect. It’s bad acting that sucks money out of your wallets and makes you into little tiny scurrying creatures. What the hell is wrong with your minds?

    Kick these suited morons off the stage. Use a crowbar or a sledge hammer. End of problem.

    • Paul – whether joking or not, please don’t suggest criminal acts of violence here.

      • Paying $100 million pounds so that “leaders” of industry can instigate a nation-wide extermination program is pretty humorous in itself. I’ll drop the humor right there. Maggots like “Sir Bob” have created a sort of stand-up comedy routine wherein they are allowed to maim and poison hundreds of millions of human beings without a blink from the brain dead public. You. are. in. fact. being. snuffed. Funny enough?

        Anyone following the cell tower mayhem and smart meters process knows damn well these meters are little more than convenient extermination devices. This is all about wholesale human extermination, and commonly called a soft kill in the intelligence community. Agenda 21? Hello? Let’s just write our trusty MP’s about all the geoengineering projects people refuse to notice or care about. The MP’s will know what to do. Right?

        I’m rather disappointed that you pretend to know the score about how devastating these electromagnetic devices are, only to turn around and question the obvious (and only) remedy to the bottom line.

        Your governmental leaders and most captains of industry continue to wax criminally insane by any normal measure of human decency. Any illusions that law and order is still in place in Great Britain, is a pretty morbid illusion at best. All world governments have been dissolved into corporate statutes, and civil laws no longer apply. Functional civil courts in the former United States haven’t existed for over 100 years. The world has morphed into a corporatocracy. Therefore: Civilians no longer posses any valid method of protest. Self-regulation is GONE folks. GONE.

        I’m not going to bother with the usual wake up call suggestion. A dead corpse is a dead corpse, and Great Britain is a dead corpse. Pompous maggots like Sir Bob and company fit the final frame quite nicely.

      • Hi
        Just browsing the forum and saw you give a warning to a guy named Paul.

        Anyone can see it was in jest regarding Mr Geldof.

        But the fact that you had to warn him all the same shows how pathetic this country has become, Im not moaning at you warning him I’m moaning about the fact that you felt you had to warn him.

        I understand you have no option as you site could be in trouble of even shutdown.

        We are controlled beyond belief and we don’t even know it, we accept this as normal that Paul had to get a warning despite it being harmless.

        I would be interested in what ran through your mind as you wrote that to Paul.

        The worlds upside down

        • you oughta see what they do censor here and elsewhere…;-)

        • Hi Joe,

          Your point is well taken but we’re against the use of violence and the obliteration of people’s rights – we leave that to the Smart Meter pushers. Whilst we take Paul’s comments in jest, others may not.

          The web is full of all sorts of people and we like to keep things civil here where possible (and also not withstanding the odd troll).

      • nothing criminal about that! probably not considered illegal either, considering it is perfectly legal to creep up on someone wearing a disguise and shoot them repeatedly in the head….never mind the rest!